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Healthy Loc Support Thread 2012


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I don't know if a post like this has been done already, but I would like to see you all has dreads here, how long have to had them and what is your regimen. Pics would be nice too!!! I'm considering dreads and I guess I want something to push me over the edge-help me make up my mind. Also, for those that have like type 3a or so hair, how long did it take for them to actually dread up and mature??


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I think I will be doing this. I consulted with a loctition and she said starting and retwisting is 65 dollars. I will her do it for a while until I get the hang of it. My cousin has hip length locks and she's been growing hers for 18 years!!! I have 3a/b hair that when stretched is about an inch past my collar bone. I wonder how long will it take to lock? She says a year but I don't think so.


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This is how I would want mine to look.


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Hi all! It's been a bit since this thread has been up and jumping! My Locs are coming up on 11 months (October 1st.) here are some pics:


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Ok, here is the problem, folks. I do have a thin spot in the front of my head, at the very top. I told my mother about it (big mistake I think) and she was saying well what about your thin spot? That's going to make it worst. As the dreads grow they will get heavy on your hair. Why don't you do bantu knots instead? That would make it grow and it won't be any pressure, you won't have to pay any money, you can do them yourself... blah blah blah... She does make valid points but I don't know. I did go to a loctition for a consultation and she said it wasn't bad. But she could be saying that to get my money too. I am fixated on the locs now. I'm stuck. What do you think I should do?


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Well guess what? I can't go back to this dermatologist, she no longer accepts my insurance. The appointment was tomorrow. Now I have to start over... Can't win for losing.


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Deceived not to do the locks. One, my scalp may not like it. I have thinning in the top and the weight of the locs may make it worse. Plus I have fine hair. Then of course time and maintenance. Maybe in the future I can do this so it is a back burner idea for now.


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I was popping in here to see if anyone (or make the recommendation to) has tried Amla oil on their hair while it's locked.

My hair is naturaly rather dry and each time I've done this to my locks they felt luxurious and maintained a nice sheen.

....I thought I'd posted my plans here, but nope I didnt! ................ MY PLANS.are...
I'm in the processs of unlocking my hair, and had been using a heavy oil to saturate the locks as I worked on them.
THEN IT HIT ME: I love the way Amla oil moisturizes, adds sheen and nourishes my locked thirsty hair usually leaving it soft to the touch. SO I'M doing a treatment right now.

This thread includes what my hair/grid looked like when I started locking, 4yrs ago and why I'm unlocking now.

Sisterlock Support Thread (micolocks/braidlocker welcome too) http://www.longhaircareforum.com/showthread.php?t=441436
I was selfconsicious about my thin crown then and 4 years later I still had that insecurity, the only "down" style I wore had my hair pinned down in that area to hid my scalp. The weight was not an issue for me, it was my own insecurity and discomfort with a "not good look" that influenced my decision. Should I decide to lock my hair again I would definately NOT choose the SisterLock grid and opt for a triangular or layered brick parting format.

BTW, I have my hair pulled back in some kind of ponytail/bun style 99% of the time, my edges are still in tact because I baby them [no tension]