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HELP! Protective-Protective styles


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One of my many goals is to thicken up my hairline. I need some ideas for protective styles that will not cause further stress on my hairline. Please share!


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well--I've found that when I wear a bun, or clip or my hair pulled back any kind of way---as long as i'm not pulling my hair really tight---my hair line has been ok.

Also---I also have been moisturizing my hair line and sealing w/ castor, tying it down (cuz i'm14 weeks post) and my hair likes it.

And a few other members(serenitybreeze comes to mind) wear there hair up and off their shoulders---but leave a 'bang' or hair out in the front--that might help too!


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Thanks Ayoung1981! Yeah, I'm 11 weeks post, but my edges are very smooth. Since I'm participating in the HIDE YOUR HAIR TIL APRIL FOOLS CHALLENGE, I don't think a bang is appropriate. Other Challengers, what do you think?