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HELP - Protein Overload= Porosity Issues (Dry, Tangled Mess)


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Ok ladies, I have a dilemma. My hair is in protein overload and I don't know how to fix it. The problem started a couple of weeks ago when I read a post about Nexxus Kerafix that said you could use kerafix on a weekly basis or sometimes even twice a week without encountering any problems. Well, I started to use it twice a week combined with Mill Creek's Keratin Conditioner (because it made my hair feel so moisturized and soft) and didn't think that it was not a moisturizing conditioner and was adding more protein to the Kerafix which is already a mild protein-based product. Needless to say, my hair feels like straw is very dry and beginning to break. I can't believe how stupid this was and I just want to kick myself in the ***. Prior to this, my hair was very moisturized and balanced with the use of say Mill Creek Keratin alone. The only reason I thought about using Kerafix is because of reading the benefits of the product. I thought it could only make my hair better, stronger. I'm so upset with myself because this move has only caused me to have a set back. But this is not the end to this disaster, to add to this story, because my hair is a dry, tangled, mess (especially the ends), I figured I was having a porosity issue (duh, I was but it was caused by the protein overload). What did I do, well, after reading a post about porosity control and how many times it could be used, I started to use it with every wash because the post said it can be used as many times as possible until your hair is back to its normal state. Well, not knowing much about porosity control (does it contain protein?), I started incorporating it with every wash, which is twice per week. However, since this problem occurred, I have not been washing with shampoos only with conditioners. So, at each wash, I would combine porosity control and another conditioner, which I later found out had some type of protein in it. Well, my hair felt great after the first use, so I continued to use it. After the second attempt to use it, my hair was saying no, no, no!!!! My hair just felt stripped and even more dry. While the porosity control was on my hair it felt great and detangled great in the shower; however, once washed out, oh no! It was back to the tangled, dry mess. So, after a week of doing moisturizing conditioner washes and my hair was still a dry, tangled mess, I decided I probably needed to clarify because I had product buildup and the goodness of the moisturizing conditioner were not getting into the hair shaft. I didn't even think that the moisturizing conditioners that I was using had some sort of protein in it and was only adding to my already protein ridden strands. Well, the clarifying felt good at first (baking soda mixed with Mill Creek Keratin, again!) but after the rinse, oh my God, can anyone say dry and tangled? The first thing I did was grab the Queen Helen Cholesterol Conditioner and soaked my strands in it. It may also have protein in it, but it saved a lot of my hair. My hair started to detangle with ease and I started to lose less hair. I have been using only Queen Helen for a week now, and I'm beginning to tell a difference. However, I can still tell that I still have protein overload and my hair is still breaking. I am most concerned about the breaking, and I know it's caused by the protein overload. I have to, have to, get this breakage under control and get my hair back to its moisturized state; however, I'm not sure how to do this. Hence, my plea for a moisturizing conditioner that does not have any protein in it. All I need right now is moisture, no protein. Once I get that moisture balance back, I think I will start to see less breakage. However, because of the breaking, although not severe, I'm afraid that if I don't get this under control, I'm going to have a set back.
So, what I want to say to all the newbies who are reading this. If you have gotten your hair regimen down and you have the perfect protein/moisture balance, please do not change anything. Stick with what's working. When I first began this journey, I jumped on every band wagon on this site and experienced lots of problems; however, after a year, I had it all figured out and then I went and screwed up my regimen just to try products that others said were working for them. I know what my hair likes right now and it's very little protein. I have learned that I don't need lots of protein and that the protein that is already incorporated into the ingredients of my moisturizing conditioners is enough for me. Lesson learned.
With that said, LADIES, PLEASE, PLEASE, I NEED YOUR HELP! My current regimen is as follows:
Co-Wash daily w/moisturizing conditioner only (currently using Herbal Essence Replenishing Conditioner)--Does anyone know if this contains protein? If so, I don't need to be using it; although it is helping tremendously with the detangling process.
Deep condition twice per week w/Queen Helen Cholesterol Conditioner (does this contain protein?) -- this too has saved my hair.
Absolutely no combing, brushing, etc. -- VERY LITTLE MANIPULATION!!!! (I'm currently in a wig and have my hair sectioned in four parts and in plaits)
What I need right now, more than anything is moisture. If you can share a solution to my problem, please chime in. Trust me, I want to hear from you.
Thanks ladies!!
Also, I know I have a porosity issue right now that is caused by the protein overload and this is causing my strands to tangle and break. Because I don't think it's a good idea to use the porosity control right now is there any other way to help with the porosity issue and tangling?


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Hi Friend - I don't thing the PC is to be used after every wash - if I were you I would start off by using a clarifying/chelating shampoo, then follow up with a moisturizing condish with no protein in it (i.e. AO HSR, Nexxus Humectress, Kenra MC - these are MY moisturizing dcs) there are others out there (LHCF'ers will chime in) - You will need to do overnight dcs as it sounds like you do have protein overload. In lieu of the porosity control you may want to try the ACV rinse or nothing at all - straight moisture until you get the balance back...everything you use going forward for at least a week should have NO protein in it....Hydrolyzed wheat protein in some moisturizing condishes are okay but you don't want to apply any collagen, vegetable, keratin, animal - proteins to your hair for the time being...

ETA - the PC should be uses separetely and not combined with the condish - but when I had a protein issue - I would use this for 30 seconds, rinse follow up with a moisturizing condish and I was back on track within a few days

Sorry if missed something - at work and had to skim :)



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Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner is a great moisturizing conditioner. It makes the hair really supple.


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I know what you mean. :yep: no matter what moisturizing conditioner you use it will feel great going on but after rinsing your hair feels like you didn’t put anything on it. It can be quite frustrating.

I say try AO white camellia. This one should put u back on track.


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Its really not a porosity issue. You might have contricted your cuticle a little too tight with mixing porosity control in conditioner to co wash but if you were using Kerafix, you need to clarify.I think part of your problem was that product. I love the stuff but I can't use it too frequently because it builds up. Also, how long were you leaving it on your hair? 3-5 minutes really is enough. You also say that you were co washing for a while so again, you need to clarify. Cowashing isn't meant to be performed with a ton of heavy products. After a while, you will get build up and your hair won't be able to absorb any moisture you give it. The protein wasn't exactly your issue, at least not by itself. One clarifying wash isn't going to remove everything, especially if its just baking soda mixed with conditioner. You need to get your hair to a clean slate to be able to reanalyze what to do and go from there.

The fact that you are having success with the Queen helene tells me that you still need structure and strength. The cholesterol in it is doing that for you. Its not technically a protein but keep in mind protein are not the only ingredients that can strengthen the hair.


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I had the same issue with protein. I JUST figured out that my hair needs very little protein added as well. My strands are coarse and strong already. But what i did like an idiot was to do 2 henna treatments back to back.... My hair was like straw, and on top of that i reconditioned it, blow dried and pressed 2x in the same night trying to get my silkiness and softness back...needless to say, it wasnt happanenin!!!!! it looked fried and blowdried.

So what i did was the best thing that i could have done for my hair- even without the set back...

Heres is what i do now and it has help to totally regain my moisture...
2x week - DC with a mix of hair mayonaise by ORS, Doo Grow conditioner, and some other conditioner (mane and tail or loreal vive hydra gloss)
1x week- Wash w/ Aveda Damage Remedy conditioner for 2-3 minutes
1x week- Shampoo with Loreal Vive hydra shine and or coconut shampoo (ayurvedic)
Then i rollerset my hair with the hair mayonaise and put an ayurvedic oil mixture on my scalp (jasmine, alma, olive oil)

In two weeks this has totally put moisture back into my hair and in fact i am experiencing the least shedding and breakage then i ever have, especially during this transition period!

Although the cholesteral and the hair maynoise has a little protein in it, and the aveda. for some reason it has done wonders for my protein sensitive hair. Like was said previously i dont think its the protein that is the problem is the amount and moisturizing ballance that the product has in it.

***Also the ayurevedic oil blend that i use on my hair everyday and message nightly has done wonders for keeping my hair soft and not dry at all. Even with a rollerset my hair feels almost silky ( as silky as a 4a can get).

HTH and dont worry your hair can be salvaged....just really continue doing low to no manipulation with a good oil to seal the ends and good conditioner and shampoo-stay away from clarifying shampoos.


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A consistent programme of rich moisturising conditioners will you back on track. Hope all works out ok.


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BUMP! I am in the exact same mess. My cuticles are really tight, it is taking longer than usual for my hair to feel wet in the shower and my hair is really dry brittle and breaking.

I'm as a loss of what to do.


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Hi I think it was the Millcreek Keratin Conditioner and the use of the Nexxus Keraphix (which, if I am not mistaken is a Reconstructor i.e. another form of protein), so you definitely had incorporated waaay too much protein into your conditioning.

Not sure about the Queen Helen but it is a form of Cholestrol which I think is also geared to make your hair stronger?

I would start to DC with something really, really, moisturizing. And if you don't have anything like AO WC or something creamy of that nature, I would add some EVOO into whatever DC I have on hand and go from there.

IA: that the protein of the Millcreek Keratin and the Nexxus Kerphix Reconstructor was entirely protein overload and now you have to moisturize to find your perfect balance again.:ohwell:

I'm pretty sure the job of the PC is to close the cuticle to seal in your conditioning treatments and cause it to lie flat. I use it moreso with a Moisturizing Treatment instead of a Protein Treatment, since I always followup any kind of Protein Treatment with Moisture.:yep: