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Hopeful you were right!! Here are my airdried texlaxed shots:)

Je Ne Sais Quoi

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You guys I was pretty concerned that i had straightened my hair waaaay to much. But today I neutralized again, then cowashed with my wen and let my hair airdry. I think my texlax came out just right which makes me now 100% relieved about this whole thing.

Peep the pics:

I promise I won't post anymore hair pics for a while. I just had to share my excitement though.

I think texlaxing truly is the best of both worlds!!
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Je Ne Sais Quoi

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How long did you let the relaxer sit on your hair? Did you mix in anything with the relaxer? This is beautiful.
I parted my hair in 4 sections. Applied a handful of tressemme conditioner to each section. I put about 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil into the perm and mixed. Then started the application process. The perm sat on my hair for a total of maybe 13-14 minutes start to finish. The back row of my hair, left side, is a smidge too straight for my liking because it was on that area the longest (i think my back area was like 3c already). I used the Silk Elements regular, for my touch up in a few months i'm going to use the Mild.


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Great job! :up:

It's funny just how much variety there is (texlaxed or not) within the type 4's.

My hair could never look quite like that. It's very pretty :yep:


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Girl, you gave me a fright! I don't think I've ever been called out in a thread:lol:. But I'm glad I was right, I just had a feeling. When I texturized, my hair was just hanging tough, all elongated and what not, so I put a scarf on and ran some errands while it finished drying, by the time I got home I was like:blush:, my hair had shrunked up real tough, almost as much as it does when it was natural, that's why I had a feeling yours would too.

It is soooo pretty! :yay: Bre!

ETA: LOL @ "I promise I won't post anymore hair pics for a while.":lachen:
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