Hot Oil Treatments


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When doing a hot oil treatment, is there anyone that adds the oils to their conditioner instead of using the oil(s) alone? The reason I'm asking is that I did a hot oil treatment last night with coconut oil and my hair feels try and not really moisturized this morning.:nono: I don't like this at all, so I'm wondering, since I want to incorporate hot oil treatments into my regime for the winter, if I incorporate the oils in my conditioner, apply my plastic cap, and sit under the dryer if this would work the same as using oil by itself.

If you have done this or this is the only way you do hot oil treatments, please let me know. I think the oil will be important to add to my winter regime, but I'm not sure what the best way of doing this is.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.


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Hey Girl,

I use to think the same thing. Are you using it on dry hair? I have found my oil treatments work the best as a pre-poo (from 30 min - over night). I also tried coconut oil, which works well, but not as well as EVOO (for hot oil treatments). I say give the dry hair method a try... and you may want to incorporate a different oil.

For me I use:

EVOO (Pre-poo)
Avocado Oil (Sealing)

This has helped my hair greatly!!:grin::grin:


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I DC after shampooing with Mizani conditioner mixed with EVOO...under the dryer for 15-20 minutes. My hair feels so soft afterwards :grin: