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Hot tools electric rotating brush


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Has anyone used it or heard of it? About 3 years ago, my aunt ordered two of them, but we returned them because they weren't high voltage... imagine this, we wanted things to damage our hair...

i'm planning to get bangs at the end of the month, on the 26th or 27th of August, and I want something that i can bump my bangs with, but not a curling iron, b/c they generate more heat, and it'll make them look too bumped. So, i'm thinking of getting the rotating brush.

Do you think it's a good idea? i'd be able to bump the ends of the rest of my hair too SOMETIMES, without too much heat. It's from Metrobeauty and $24.99

Hot Tools Electric Rotating Brush

Hot Tools® Professional Rotating Hair Brush
Model 1160, The Ultimate Hair Tamer!
Professional Features:
- Rotating brush turns up to 100 times per minute
- Five minutes' use equals 15 minutes of tiresome brushing
- Effortlessly tames the curliest, thickest or wildest hair
- AC adapter (included) for more powerful performance
- Quickly adds volume, shine and luster to any style, any hair type
- Premium quality anti-static treated boar / nylon bristles
- 2 speeds - adjusts to your hair type and style
- Dual styling and detangling switch for rotating brush forward or reverse
- Allows use with either hand
- Tangle-resistant 3" brush head for creating styles of any length
- One-year warranty from Hot Tools

-Other ladies with bangs, how to do u keep them bumped when wearing them out? i'm thinking of wearing them out sometimes, for the first 6 weeks post relaxer and then after that, i'll just pin them back...


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I would be afraid of tangles.... and pull hairs unnecessarily...

I think this was discussed sometime ago.... if not this , something similar...

Good luck though


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Oh, As far as the bangs... i would say don't get them because I regret getting them back in the day when I was younger and had no patience for my hair....I had to constantly "do something" to them and my hair never was the same.

The front of my hair is fragile I guess.....it can't take to much pressure...heat, brushing, ect...if you must and you realllly want bangs, maybe try to figure out how to maintain them without heat...i really couldn't say....I have had "bangs" for years...( breakage/,mistreatment caused them to grow slowly)


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thanx for replying, ccd... i've been debating this bangs thing for a while and thought, what if they never grow out?? the front of my hair grows a little slower than the rest of my head and i wouldn't want it to just completely stop growing, especially if i were to reach longer lengths...

yeah i have no idea how i would maintain them without heat. I thought about rollersetting them, which is why i would wear them only the first 6 weeks post relaxer, and then i'd just blend them in with the rest of my hair... i dont know yet... i'll postpone the whole bangs thing for a while, i guess... if i do decide to get them, it'll be in November or December.

I might just shape the front of my hair a little bit though, because if i pull a little section in the front of my hair and pull it down towards my face, it's past my chin, maybe i'd get a trim to have it up to my cheek or so (about 2" off), so that it's just some really long bangs, kinda like Aaliyah, and if wear my hair down, i can have them for definition, and even be able to tuck them behind my ear, what do you think?

Desert Skye

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I had something similar to this brush and I found it to be very damaging to my hair. I used it to make the ends of my hair curl in without using my curling iron but after a while I noticed lots of split ends and brittleness. Once I stopped using it, the health of my hair returned. I guess my hair just didnt like it.