How Do I Keep A Body Wave Weave Wavy???

Discussion in 'Hair Care Tips & Product Review Discussion' started by ibelieve, Feb 13, 2007.

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    I got a weave today and am using a human hair with body wave. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the body waves but the stylist cut bangs into my style and flat-ironed them. She then proceeded to use a curling iron to spiral the top portion of the weave to give it a little extra body/lift on top.

    I thought it was as simple as re-wetting the hair to get the wave to come back but she said she wasn't sure that this type of hair would neccasarily just wave back up.

    So, when I got home, I LIGHTLY dampened the front to see if it would wave back up but it didn't look like it did anything. Now maybe I just didn't wet it enough but I am kind of scared to.

    Does anyone know the secret to keeping/getting back the waves into this hair? I am fine if I never get the bang wave back as I can just continue to flat iron them. But, I love the overall wave pattern and don't want to lose it. And I am assuming that I should really comb the weave as much as finger styling it???

    Suggestions please!

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    If it's truly a body wave hair, water alone should make it wave back up. Unless she burned the hair straight when she flat ironed it. If she did burn the hair straight, there's nothing you can do to it. You might have to use a waving iron or do a twist out or something to get it to look wavy. Have you tried a mousse or activator? You can try wet n wavy mousse.

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