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How do you use your shea butter?


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I'm curious as to how other folks are applying shea to their hair. I sort of scrunch mine in (I use shea, aloe, evoo & a few lavender drops). Is that the norm?

ETA: Maybe I'm not wording this right. How do you apply your concoction to your hair. LOL Do you smooth it on, do you scrunch it on... ?
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i mix it (with my finger) with coconut oil, castor oil, and aloe vera gel until its creamy

i also add vit. E oil and grapefruit seed extract (to preserve, if i will keep it for longer than 3 days)


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I do the exact same as MissNorway. I use mine on my skin and on dry hair. I also mix it with EVOO as a pre-poo on dry hair. Keeps my demarcation line and roots strong during this transition. I don't need to melt it again because it melts upon contact.

When I run out, I'm going to whip more shea butter but add EVOO with my coconut oil next time. I've never used shea butter alone... I'll try that too.


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I sometimes add a bit to my DC's if my hair is feeling a bit parched, but not too much as it's so heavy.


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I just melt some raw shea butter in my hands and run it through the ends of my hair...i rub it down the whole length when i do a braidout


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I normally use my shea butter(whipped with coconut or castor oil) when I'm doing twists or braids in my hair. I'd just grab a section, smooth a dab of shea butter on that section (making sure it's on the full length) and then twist/braid away. I also use it as an all over body moisturizer, it's just DIVINE!!! I just :heart: shea butter!


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I mostly use it on my ends. Sometimes I'll use it on my nape hair which is always super dry (my problem area).


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do any of you ladies use Hairveda green tea butter...i just ordered some butters from Hairveda and also from shescentit but i don't know what the heck to do with them...LOL