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How many deep conditioners do YOU own?

How Many Deep Conditioners do you own

  • 1-5 I Keep it Simple

    Votes: 128 72.7%
  • 6-10 I like Variety and Options

    Votes: 29 16.5%
  • 11-15 I am a Deep Conditioner Aficianado

    Votes: 6 3.4%
  • 16-20 Lol I am an outta control PJ

    Votes: 13 7.4%

  • Total voters
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Well-Known Member
Yes to Carrots mask
Jessicurl Deep Treatment
Aubrey Organics GPB

Oh and Bentonite Clay if that counts...

I am pretty sure that's it...pretty sure!


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Fantasia IC Deep Penetrating Moisturizer
Alterna Hemp Hydrate
Traybell Jojoba Nutritive Mask
Silk Elements Megasilk
Silk Elements Megasilk Olive
CON Nourishing
Nexxus Humectress (use as a leave-in mostly though)
Joico Intense Hydrator

Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructor
Fantasia IC Reconstructor
Tigi Dumb Blonde Reconstructor
A little bit of ORS Mayo

ORS Replenishing


I've used up most of the DCs in my stash so these are what I have left.

YTCa Mask (2)
Keracare Humecto (3)
Joico Moisture Recovery Balm (tub)
Joico K-Pak Moisture Intense Hydrator (3)
Natural Key Extra Treatment Conditioner
AO White Camellia

Nexxus Emergencee
Nexxus Keraphix (3)
Phyto restructuring mask
Kiwi deeptreat masque
Sample of Mizani gelee


New Member
Umm, Let me think...

Silk Elements Mega Moisturizing
Neutrogena Triple Moisture
Aussie Moist, but I don't use this to deep condition

The only protein I have is Aphoghee 2 min

I don't have tons of hair products. I always use one thing up before I go for anything else.


What 40 looks like.
Crap, I need to change my answer; I said 1-5 but I just remembered a few more. LOL

Nexxus Humectress
ORS Replenishing Conditioner
Dudley's Cream Protein - it's almost gone
Joicio Moisture Balm
Joico K-Pak
Suave Humectant

And I just ordered Joico Silk Result, so that will take me to seven.


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I only have three:

Alter Ego Garlic Deep Conditioner
Silicon Mix
Queen Helene Cholesterol


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I have way too many,SS. I'm faithful to a mix of some of the following :lachen:

Aussie Moist
AO White Camilla
NTM Deep Conditioner
Nexxus Humectress (old formula)
ORS replenishing condish
Aphogee 2 min recon
Organix's tea tree condish
Baba de Caracol


New Member
Only 2
Kenra MC
I'm also going to re-up on Giovanni Deep Moisture SAS

These are the 3 I keep as my mainstays.


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I'm trying to find the ultimate DC... and stick with just that. For now, I'm trying out a couple at a time. I currently have:

KBB Lucious Locks Hair Mask (wasn't impressed)
KBB Deep Conditioner (have yet to try)
Oyin Honey Hemp (on the way)
Giovanni 50/50 (use it mostly for my daughter's 3C hair)


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I have 5
.- HE rizos perfectos
- Toque Mágico Emergencia
- Silicon Mix
- 10 en 1
- Pantene Restoratives (i believe is the name)
- Loreal reparación total

Oh lord is 6, in my defense i stop buying products long time ago, and i have my friends that came from DR that brough me 3 differents DC xD


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Mane n Tail Original Conditioner
Tropical Milk Protein Conditioner

I would like to try AO HSR & White Camellia. I would like to repurchase AO GPB.


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i have ORS replenishing condish
creme of nature replenishing and strenthining
ORS hair mayo
nexxus humetress
hairveda strinillah


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Let's see:

Curl Junkie curls rehab
L'occitane healthy hair mask
AO Honeysuckle rose condish
Jessiecurl WDT - i prefer it as a leave in tho

aphogee 2 min reconstructor


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My name is lamaria and im a pj!
ors replen pak
mizani moisturfuse
jane carter replenishing cond
hollywood beauty olive oil
aphogee 2 min
jerri redding extra spa hair mud
silk elements loux
con moisture active
silicon mass
10 en 1
nexxus humectress
nourishing coconut milk instant repair treatment
softee cholesterol
mane and tail
elasta qp breakage control serum
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Kenra Mc
Silicon Mix
Ors in the bottle
Motions Moisture Plus
Motions CPR
Paul Mitchell Super Charged

That is about it I stick with stuff that works for me.


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Giovanni Smooth as Silk
Nexxus Humectress
Chi Infra Treatment
Silicon Mix (the protien one with the Spanish spelling)
Aphogee two min
Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol


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I voted 1-5, not because im keeping it simple..
But because i have not found the right one yet. I do have one moisturizing DC that i love and will always buy, and that is Silk Elements Megasilk-Olive :drunk: