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How Much Breakage Is Too Much?


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I posted something similar in the Shea thread, and this will probably be my last post for a while :cry3:what with classes and work, but I’m trying to get my money’s worth, and ask as many questions as I can :look:.

How much breakage is too much? Say someone has ~90K strands of hair, 80% of which are growing, and ~ 20% of what is growing is too short (relatively new) to show the person’s length. That leaves ~ 58-60K strands of hair that shows length.

With that said, if they lose 500 pieces of breakage (not shed hair) a month (a few unnoticed everyday, breakage from wash day and moisturizing, etc). That’s only 10% of the growing hair. The areas that experienced “breakage” would still retain length, just not as long as the rest.

All that to say, if the above is actually true, when can a person stop worrying about every piece of breakage? What is a normal amount/what is unavoidable? I thought mine was under control, but this length plateau has me thinking otherwise (I try to limit manipulation as much as possible).

Also, don’t get on me for the math problem, I know I’m doing the most. :lachen::thankyou:


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Of course we would like to have little to none but for some of us that is elusive.

I would say this would vary a bit with your growth rate. If you are only getting 4 inches a year versus a person who gets 3/4 to and inch, breakage of 1 inch a year can be devastating especially if you also trim and or dust. If you are getting an inch a month 1 inch a year of breakage may not be that noticeable.

I get 4 inches a year, that 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch end I see in the sink every month is just watching my hair wash down the drain literally.