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How to deal with chemical burns?


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I just got my relaxer after a 9-week stretch, and it's very tender in some parts as well as itchy and dry, making me think I have some chemical burns from the relaxer being in too long. I applied the Keracare no-itch moisturizer last night, and now my scalp is burning. I think it's the sulfur in the product.

What do you all recommend for the scalp if it has been burned by a relaxer (Affirm sensitive scalp relaxer)? Otherwise, my hair looks great. (I would add a pic, but I'm a newbie and still trying to figure out how to do all of that.):drunk:


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I used 100% vitamin E oil. I definitely helped. I make sure I keep some eveytime I get a touch-up. I also helps with the dryness after a relaxer.


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Get some pure jojoba oil and set some aside. Add some lavender essential oil (maybe 10 drops or so) to it and some vit E and use it often. It'll heal up in no time.


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When I was relaxed I used AVC (rinsed my scalp. It's best to do while nautralizing. It BURNS, but it gets the ball rollng) then applied coconut oil. Prefferably Vatika Oil because of the other herbs in it to aid in scalp health (review in my ethnic album).

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If you're au natural, I'd say take some aloe vera gel and add some tea tree oil and lavender.

If you're just wanting anything quick - Seabreeze.