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How to get 5-7 day hair (twist/braid outs) Pics included!!!


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This is an awesome thread!! because this is what I do as well, except that I rollerset to dry my hair :giggle: I'm happy that somebody finally put it on paper!! your hair is fabulous and I am also on the up-do tutorial request...we need a tutorial asap!!! thanks :hug2:
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Amoreofcurls your hair is beautiful! I love braid/twists outs on other people..I've never tried them on my hair because I dont think it would look right on me...Maybe I will try it one day, I'm relaxed would I get the same effect or it doesnt matter?


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loving the flat twist and up-do results! ok... I'm going to brave it out tonight and try to flat twist. *fingers crossed*


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Good job! Thanks for sharing. :yep: I was hoping this thread was about making the style last without retwisting/braiding every night, though. I'm trying to decrease manipulation of my hair.


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^ Yeah, for me, there seems no way around it. It's just not as fresh and 'new' on day 2, so I just re-do. I will try it again, though. It would be a real joy to have this look without rebraiding/twisting.


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Hey everyone!!....So yesterday night I was a lil too tired to retwist my hair,and for some reason I totally forgot that I purchased this pocket bonnet from sallys, and decided to try it....

All I did was scrunch some on my leave in on, seal with vatika oil, then I smoothed my hair back like I was pulling it into a ponytail , and put on the scarf allowing all my hair to hang in the pocket like this...

I had to shake my head to make sure all the hair got back there...

All I gotta say is I dont kno why it took me so long to finally try this thing because it actaully worked!!!! Alll I had to do the morn is shake my head so the hair will fall in place, and my hairline was nice and smooth because of the flat edge....

So the verdict is, I will continue to braid my hair up, but when I get to tired or when its gets to old to the point where it may OVERstretch, this will come in handy....

I highly recommend it ya'll!!!


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good stuff... I recently started doing this.. since I'm tired of wearing a wig and the pony...I'm learning to make my wngos ..and braids outs last atleast 5 days.. my wash n go's I got down... the braid out.. only lasted 3 days... I will try again tho..Thanks for the info...


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Truth, how are making your wash and gos last longer ? Really need to find out, can't be washing my hair everyday :nono:


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OMG! Bless you! lol Your braid out/twist outs are FABULOUS! This is my goal hair. Your twist out is my fav.

My braid outs/twist outs have been looking like CRAP! I was twisting or braiding from the front of my head all the way back. Now, I'm going to try the pattern you show. And your hair looks SOOOO moist!

Just know that I will be studying your tutorials!!


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As for the ladies who have a hard time twisting or braiding, all I can say is PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT , I promise you :yep:
Like everyone has already mentioned, awesome thread! You are so right on practice making perfect. I cannot braid, and have been struggling to learn how to flat twist for the past year now.

This past flat twist out I did, I finally had a lightbulb come on. So yeah, I think a few more 'attempts' and I'll have it down. Now braiding (on the scalp)...umm that's going to take a lot longer to get figured out.


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Ok...again THANK YOU OP!

I did a twist out last night. The front came out great, but the back twists kept unraveling. So, today I wore the back pinned up in a chignon. I used a creamy leave in, some gel and shea butter.

What do i need to use to make the twist stay and not unravel? Any suggestions?


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Love this thread! Thank you for the tutorial. I'm currently wearing twist outs as my daily style. I never thought to alternate between the twist-out and braid-outs. I'm going to try it out this weekend!


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i love this thread!! your tips are great. i do the same thing.
i'm going to get that bonnet tomorrow, it looks great!


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I have fine strands and low density hair, and through trial and error I have determined that I can only set my hair once. If I reset my braidout or twistout on dry hair, I will always end up with overstretched hair. However, if I do like you show with the pocket bonnet (and not to hijack, but I got the idea from westNDNbeauty on her YT channel) and just tie a silk scarf along my hairline then pull it back over my hair, I can cover the part that hangs out with a bonnet and make my styles last for 4-5 days that way. They could probably go longer, but that's usually the point where I am dying to cowash or my hair just looks really dry -- I rarely moisturize between setting to prevent reversion, which I get if my hair even LOOKS at a water based moisturizer.

This is a great thread -- wish I had found it sooner!


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Carefreee at the end of the week, lol. That Saturday style is my favourite - you look beautiful :yep: - can you explain a little more how you do that one? I would like to try it when I get my braids undone. TIA


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Thanks for sharing! Will definately try this!

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Thanks OP. :urock:
This technique works beautifully. I have tight 4b curls and have gotten lovely stretched waves that have garnered me a lot of compliments. Can't recall how I stumbled on this thread but this styling technique works and is a must read for new naturals. Should be a sticky in IMHO. :thankyou:


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Thanks for the VERY helpful tips!! The two layers of flat twists or cornrows works so much better than trying to do either method straight back. :yep: