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How to make Shampoo


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The Recipes

The Internet is a virtual haven of recipes for shampoos, conditioners, tonics and other pampering hair treatments. Depending on your hair type and unique concerns, you can easily select one that is sure to benefit your mane - and find some new uses for those products you never thought you'd see in your bathroom!
Make Your Own Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Tea tree oil is a veritable miracle worker when it comes to keeping the hair and scalp in great condition. Not only is it renowned for its ability to keep dandruff flakes and head lice at bay, it's also a natural scalp soother. Its naturally fresh, aromatic scent leaves the hair smelling clean, while its tendency to smooth flyaway hairs is a godsend for anyone with an unruly mane.

Unfortunately, tea tree oil doesn't come cheap. Making it at home is an option; however, it is important to exercise caution when using the oil. Don't use more than the recommended amount, and discontinue usage if you develop an allergic reaction.

You'll need:

* An 8 oz. bottle of unscented shampoo. A great choice is Aveda's Personal Blends Shampoo Formula, which is specially formulated to be mixed with the essential oil of your choice.
* Tea tree oil


1. Add 15 drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo bottle.
2. Shake gently to allow the oil to disperse.

How to Make Shampoo for African-American Hair

Though it's not always the case, African-American hair tends to be brittle, dry, and coarse. This type of hair won't benefit from the most common ingredient in most store-bought shampoos, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). SLS is a detergent that can cause dryness in certain individuals. Products containing moisturizing, soothing ingredients can drastically change the condition of the hair.

You'll need:

* 2 eggs, thoroughly beaten
* 1 bar grated castile soap
* 1 tsp. powdered borax
* 1 oz. bay rum
* 4 quarts water


1. Bring water to a boil and add soap, letting it dissolve.
2. Allow mixture to cool.
3. Add eggs, borax and bay rum.
4. Stir thoroughly.

Egg Shampoo for Less Dry Hair

If your hair is dry (or even more on the normal side), but not considered coarse, try using this simple and effective egg shampoo recipe.

You'll need:

* 2 eggs (medium size)
* 2 oz. still mineral water
* 1 tbsp. lemon juice or apple cider vinegar


1. Using a blender, mix the products together for 30 seconds on low speed.
2. After massaging into the hair and scalp, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Note: The egg will begin to set if the water is hot!

The Perfect Soothing Shampoo

You sip it in tea right before bedtime, so why not massage it into your hair? The soothing properties of chamomile are just as evident in shampoo as they are in a hot beverage. In addition to relaxing your senses with its aromatic fragrance, chamomile shampoos are gentle enough for all hair types. Individuals with light hair often turn to this herb when they want to enhance their highlights. Don't worry – chamomile won't color your hair, but it will provide you with an enviable shine.

You'll need:

* 4 Tbsp pure soap flakes
* 4 bags chamomile tea
* 1 ½ Tbsp glycerin
* 1 ½ cups water


1. Bring the water to a boil and add the tea bags. Allow them to steep for 10 minutes.
2. Remove the bags add the soap flakes into the liquid. Let it rest until the soap softens.
3. Stir the glycerin into the liquid, blending until perfectly smooth.

Some Final Thoughts to Make Your Experience Perfect

Obviously, this is only a taste of the wonderful recipes available. There is no limit to what can be created, but as always it's important to be aware of what you are putting into your concoction. All ingredients should be skin safe (check labels of essential oils in particular). If your skin is hypersensitive, conduct a patch test of the shampoo on your inner elbow or behind the ear and keep an eye on it for irritation.

Regardless of your hair type and styling needs, you can discover how to make shampoo with a bit of patience, some experimentation, and a genuine desire to use only the best shampoo for your hair. Most shampoos can include essential oils and fragrances to completely personalize the product for the most vibrant locks imaginable.


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I agree, interesting recipes for sure. Would have a go this weekend but I'm throwing my hair up in braids so won't be able to test it out thoroughly until afterwards. But let us know how your experiments go!