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How to Save on Shampoo .........


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1. Buy a jumbo size bottle of shampoo (cost per ounce is cheaper). Instead of buying a bottle for each shower, divvy up the jumbo bottle among bottles of shampoo you already have on hand. It doesn't really matter if you mix shampoos.

2. Add water to shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap to make it go further. Businesses do this all the time in public spaces.

3. When you're down to the last bit of shampoo in the bottle, add water and shake it vigorously. You'll get a couple washings out of it.

4. Take all those mini shampoos you or your husband collected over the years on business trips and combine them into one bottle. Again, it really doesn't matter if you mix shampoos. Or place the mini bottles in the bathroom in a gorgeous bowl and work your way through them.
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What the...? This is a bot? Wow! I didn't know they had them on here.
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Hmmmm nice idea maybe I can get that stuff Tracy uses and mix that with the CON-green to make that last longer since I only have 2 bottles left.