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I am saved because he saved me.......


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I just wanted to take the time out to share about a reflection of my life thus far. There have been many points in life where I knew of my father (God) but didn't know anything about him or Jesus. He has called me several times in my life and I turned from him wanting to do my own thing. He saved me from so many situations that many people wouldn't dare believe I could possibly be in.

It's just me and him who know the truth. One day I came to realize how much he never stop wanting me to turn from him. He never let go of me or said he was finished of trying to get to me. He saved me way before I knew it. He never had to and doesn't owe me anything. I can only give thanks and devote the my life/lifestyle to him.

I feel like I am not saved because I chose to be saved. I know that is very important and in essence it is, but ultimately I feel and know that I am saved because he saved me. He chose me. He called for me. I am saved through Jesus and I just have to give thanks.

I could write a 50 page paper on what he has done for me and probably where I should be but I can't. This is why I titled the thread I am saved because he saved me. I am very blessed and there is nothing in this earth I want more than this. I feel free and felt that I have the greatest gift that no one could buy me or give to me.

I just wanted to share and hope that others are able to experience this wonderful feeling.
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