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I can't advance Edit, no bold, or italics, Nothing!!!HELP


New Member
when I click on advance edit so I can quote, or bold or italicize my post It tells me to click quick reply. how do I get into the advance editor.


New Member
Go to User CP
Then Click on Edit Options (on the left had side)
Scroll down to Miscellaneous Options
Under Message Editor Interface, change the option to Enhanced Interface.

This should do it. You will see all the options at the top of the message you are typing. Once you go back to post you will see some smilies to the right and when you click more another window will open up, but when you click on one it will automatically go into the message. I found out, though, that you have to close the smilie window after you post as the click feature won't work when you go to post again in another thread.