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I can't believe it's been a year! (pic heavy)


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I did the BC one year ago. I had transitioned for 13 months, then got tired and just chopped it all off.

Here are some comparison pics:

TWA (but not so teeny:grin:)


Twistout then

Twistout now

Straightened then:

Straightened now:

Twists then:

Twists now:

And here are some pics from my most recent wash:

Sectioned off (I do two sections now unless I'm washing in the shower):

After wash:

With conditioner after being detangled with my Denman:

Texture shot:

And some various pics from the past year:

Wash n go

Messy buns:

Updo :giggle:

Half updo:




I just want to thank all of you LHCF ladies for your love and support over this past year! I have been inspired by so many of you, both natural and relaxed.

My goals for this next year are optimal length and health. I'd like to make BSL by the end of 2009. I'm going to need to nail down a regimen and stick to it. My hair has taught me a lot about what it likes and dislikes, and I know that if I want to retain length, I'm going to need to listen to it and obey.:lachen: With new lengths come new challenges, but I know I'll also be getting new styling options, so I'm ready!:grin:


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OMG! Your hair is absolutely amazing! It looks wonderful, it fits your face perfectly. Girl keep doing what you're doing! Patience & persistence pays off!


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Lauren ... your hair is absolutely beautiful!! Beautiful, I tell ya!! Look at all that thick hair - it's awesome. You are such an inspiration to me. Seriously.

Keep up the GREAT work!!


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OMG! Your hair is so pretty and your progress...:shocked::love:!!! I'm looking forward to seeing future updates!! Keep up whatever you're doing because it's certainly working!


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You have gorgeous hair. I wish I knew the secret to your twist outs. I'm almost bsl, but mine never look as big and full as yours.


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Lauren!!! :notworthy I think I just died and went to heaven! What an awesome treat first thing in the AM! Thank you for sharing such awesome pics of one VERY HEALTHY LOOKING head of hair. I think I'm in love :love:

BTW your progress is out of this world!


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Thank you for the compliments, ladies! :kiss:

I love your hair! What do you use for moisture?

I'm ashamed to say that I don't really moisturize, which is something I need to change in 09. I really only use various conditioners (V05, Suave, Aussie, and any other cheapie) for cowashes and as leave-ins. Occasionally, I add honey to my conditioners, but that's about it. I do steam treatments every now and then, also.

You have gorgeous hair. I wish I knew the secret to your twist outs. I'm almost bsl, but mine never look as big and full as yours.

Thank you! I do my twistouts on dry hair that's been stretched (either on reverted straightened hair or blown out hair).


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Amazing how you retain so well!!!

Why wash in halves? Does that cut back on tangles?

I section when I wash at the kitchen sink because otherwise, my hair doesn't get rinsed out very well. It's hard to get up in there with the sprayer when I'm all bent over.:lachen:

I don't really get tangles.
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Beautiful!!! Congrats Lauren, you have made wonderful progress, I have no doubt that you will make bsl by the end of 2009:yep:.


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OMG!Your messy buns are the truth!All i need my hair to grow out for is to make my slouchy buns look like yours.
I love your hair!!!