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I can't believe it's been a year! (pic heavy)


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you have enough hair for 2 other heads

I'm glad all these naturals are posting their progress, keeping hope alive!


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haxx! your hair has grown so much in one year! I wish mine grew at that rate, i've been transitioning for past 13 months and I don't think i have 1/4th the growth you do :eek:
Your hair is gorgeous in all of its natural splendor! I love pic heavy posts! :yep:

If there was a LHCF mag I'm sure you would be on the cover- Great progress!! Love it!


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Lauren your hair is BEAUTIFUL. I remember when you bc'd and look how long it is now and it's so thick. Everyday is a good hair day for you by looking at all of those pictures.



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I am such a fan! Your hair and style are so beautiful and so are you! Love your hair texture. Great progress and HHG girl!


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You are my natural inspiration!! Your hair is gorgeous Lauren!! oops I mean Southernbella. :lachen:


First your hair is gorgeous and a inspiration for me not to relax ..... yet :grin:
Also it's good to see I'm not the only one haivng this problem. :look: I get so frustrated because I can't get down to the scalp :lachen:Think I've rinsed all con out and run my hand through a bunch of suds. Girl what's up with that - I have to wash in sections too.:drunk:

I know! I prefer to wash in the shower because it's easier (and more relaxing), but sometimes I'm short on time and I do it in the sink, and that's when I have problems. Either my back hurts or my neck hurts or there's still some poo/con left in there. Sectioning it just made it easier because I can get all up in the middle without too much effort.

Your hair is gorgeous!!! I love it. When you do your dry twist, what product do you use?

Thank you! I use either Fantasia IC gel or a cheapie conditioner.


I don't want to be jealous Southernbella, but I can't sit here and lie and say I'm not.

Aww, don't be! I'm sure you are making great progress of your own.:yep:

Lovely!!!! It grew so much. Question...hope not to personal...how does your husband feel about your hair now? He's gotta love it more and more:)

Not too personal at all! I had said I would talk to him about it once I hit the one-year mark, but I forgot.:lachen:I'll ask him tonight and see if anything has changed. I know that he likes that it's longer.:yep:

Ummm...do you love your hair?...cuz I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!:lick:

Thank you! I do love it...now I just want some length.:lachen:

your hair is absolutely gorgeous:yep: Your are my biggest hair inspiration!
Do you mind sharing your staple products? My hair is natural after transitioning and a bc and I need a really good moisturizing leave in to better define my hair texture. at times it can get too dry:wallbash:

Thank you! If I had to name my favorite moisturizing product, it would probably be Sunsilk Hydra TLC conditioner. Second would be Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in.


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Your hair is just amazing :love:! It looks good in whatever way you wear it. You actually inspired me to transition and find out what my natural hair looks like. If it could look half as good as yours does, i'll be happy. Thanks for sharing.


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I absolutely LOVE you're hair... i remember when I first became a member wishing that my twists looked like yours


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You know that I've always been a HUGE fan. You have some of the most beautiful, healthiest hair I've ever seen! Simply breathtaking!! :blowkiss: