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I Can't Stop The Breakage!!!


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I am so sad right now. I had tree braids with wet and wavy weave put in as a protective style in December and they were not done right. The lady doing them wasn't able to tell my hair from the weave so she had pulled pieces of my hair out instead of the weave in some areas. So when I took them out last month I had matted places all over my head where the weave had wrapped itself around my hair. I knew right after she did the braids that I would run into problems later on, but I just wanted to try to keep the braids in as long as possible since I had spent over $300 dollars total for the hair style. Even though my hair was in bad shape after the braids I started getting information from this forum and I managed to get it to stop breaking. It was actually starting to look good for a little while because I was doing my co-washes, braiding it up into my four braids, wearing my wig and wrapping it up a night. Well my fiance decided he didn't like my wig anymore (he said it made me look too much like my mother) so I decided it was time for me to get my hair relaxed since it was almost nursed back to health. So I started reading about how to get your hair ready to be relaxed. I saw that you should do a protein treatment so I did one... I also did a hot oil treatment and a deep conditioning in the same night. I think I just took all the knowledge I had been reading and ran with it. I think I may have over did it because now my hair would not stop breaking. A week ago I could comb my hair and barely have any hair come out, but now I comb my hair and there is hair everywhere. Yesterday I went ahead and got my hair relaxed by my mom even though my hair was in rough shape, and now I am afraid I have done more damage to my hair. I don't know what to do. Please help me if you can.


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r u certain thats it's breaking and not shedding?....IMO braids tend to be alot of stress on relax strands...so stay away from them if u want long hair...:yep:...also keep it simple,maybe all that u r doing is too much manipulation 2 your hair,given that it just went thru' a trauma (weave situation...Kinikakes has a great way to cowash...look her up,her methods helped me reach my current hair length:yep:


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A weekly DC with Blackstrapp Molasses will nurse your hair to health. It stopped my breakage in its tracks.

Aphoghee, to me, is a bit harsh.

You can get Blackstrapp Molasses at any health food store or Whole Foods. It has to be Blackstrapp.

Good Luck!


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I tried the Aphogee and I think it was a little harsh for me. I think I will try it again, but I will need to research it more so I can make sure I do it right next time. Now I am going to try Blackstrapp Molasses. Thank you guys so much.


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With all that relaxing you definitely need a protein treatment. But then you need to STOP shampooing for awhile and do a CO wash 2-3 times a week. Immediately get your hands on the Mizani Nighttime treatment. It is like 18 bucks but worth it. It HELPS immensely.

I had the exact same issue from the weave and it took about 3-4 weeks to get all the damage fixed. I used the Aphogee Intensive Keratin Reconstructor (only leave on for 5 minutes) -- that helped too. If you haven't already, get some Vatika Oil (coconut) and Alma Oil for the pre-poo, that helps restore softeness also immediately too.

My hair is back to healthy and damage-free.

Good luck my dear, I know how you feel.