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I completed my TRANSITION from RELAXED TO NATURAL!! **Pics Inside**


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Wow, your twists is one of the loveliest I have see. Your hair is so healthy and thick - beautifu!


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woooooohooooo congrats girlie well done... can't wait until I'm there.. any more pictures; hope my hair looks that good when I'm done.

Whats the plan now?!


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Thank you all soooo much ladies :Blush2: ….WHEW it was a long hard journey…I was about to give up when I found this site…I literally came here to learn more about healthy relaxed hair cuz I was going back…but I learned so much I stayed with my transition….Im glad that I did :grin:

Sarel – To keep the heat out of my hair I did buns (with added hair), cornrows, twist, and twist-outs – Now I am planning on experimenting with other natural styles….like cornrows in front – twist-out in the back, to mix it up a bit – I also want to try some phony ponys – I gotta be creative to get through my 360 day no heat stint during Bootcamp

Locoabouthair – Chop! Chop! Chop! You know you wanna do it…. :lol: Nah girl…wait until you are ready….I ended up chopping 3 months earlier than I planned but I waited until I was good and ready….you will know when its time;)

Bublnbrnsuga – Nope I don’t have an album :( I didn’t have a digital camera until now so I don’t have many transition pictures…. But btw full-time grad school and full-time work…I know I wont have time to do an album anytime soon….

KissKiss – Pics are scarce....I had to dig up the relaxed ones and just took the natural ones…now that I have a digital camera I will be taking more pics to document my progress though. My plan now is to do Bootcamp for 360 days in hopes of reaching APL stretched by December 08….Now that I have a solid regimen...I just want to work on mastering different no-heat styles while waiting for the length to come...my final goal is BSL stretched....after that I will re-introduce heat to my regimen and just maintain that length. That's it. :)


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brownsugarflyygirl said:
I am happy to announce that…. :dance7:

(Yes, I shared this already but I didn’t have pictures then :perplexed ….just bought a digital camera :grin: )


(Whew! Didn’t think that was possible but I made it
and I'm loving my no-heat regimen;)
Dont even have a desire to use heat now :eek: )

Both of these are MAJOR MILESTONES in my HAIR JOURNEY! So I just want to say A BIG SINCERE THANK YOU to my LHCF sistas for your wisdom, guidance, and patience. It definitely would not have been possible with you all….so I am celebrating!! Onward to APL unstretched!! :grin: Here are the pics:

From happy and healthy shoulder length relaxed:

To nappily natural shoulder length when stretched kinda :look:

I am very excited about my hair progress!! :clap: :party: :clapping: :yay:
I hope to be APL stretched by December 2007!!

Congrats! Congrats! :yay: :yay: Your relaxed and natural hair is beautiful and luv'n the twists.