I did a Baking soda/ACV rinse


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Tonight I did my first Baking Soda and ACV rinse. Here are the ingredients I used

Baking soda paste
5 TBS baking soda
5 TBS distled water

Baking soda rinse
2 TBS baking soda
2 Cups distiled water

ACV Rinse
4 Cups Distled Water

Jason Vit A,C and E conditioner

Clarifying shampoo
ION clarifying
I decided to do this rinse beause my scalp has been itching and to increase the moisture level in my hair.

I first scrubbed my scapl with the baking soda paste, I used an old toothbrush. I massaged that in for a few minutes.

Next I jumped in the shower, rinsed the baking soda paste off my scalp and put on my clarying shampoo. I wouldn't normally use this, but I have been using a conditioner with cones to DC and I think that is where some of my problems have been coming from.

After the claryfing shampoo I poured the baking soda rinse in my hair and left it on there while I washed my body. After washing my body i massaged the rinse in my scalp for a minute and rinsed.

Next I applied my DC and did the home steam method (the one with the turbie twists) and did that for 45 minutes.

After my DC I rinshed my hair with the ACV rinse. I did it twice so 8 cups of solution.

After is all is said and done, my scalp isn't AS itchy, but it still itches and spots and I feel that I still need to use a leave-in. I think I will do the scalp scurb and ACV rinse again in a few days, I'm not sure about the baking soda rinse. My ultimate goal with this is to have an itch free scalp and hair that no longer needs a leave-in because it gets all that moisture from the DC.