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I did it!!!! I made a half wig all by myself!


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Sooo I was inspired initially by SimplyLeesh's homemade half wig which i thought was amazing :grin: and I did some reasearch and found this tutorial on Youtube by Spritualgal YouTube - How To Make A Wig! and all of the amazing lace front wig, half wig, human hair wigs, synthetic wigs :spinning: etc etc as shown by muffinismylovers tutorials YouTube - muffinismylovers's Channel (love her!) and then I went for it!

I must say, it actually wasn't tooo bad - it did take me 9 hours though!! I think this is partially because I am not too familiar with sewing weave tracks and also because I didn't want to make any mistakes.

If anyone is thinking of making one i would definitely recommend that you go for it.

Let me know what you think!

(I hope you can see the pics - never done this before).


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wondering how much everything cost? (only if you don't mind)

Since it's human hair there are so many possibilities for your styles!


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@ Newtogrow, i'm from the UK so its all in £, i guess if you double up you'll get the rough cost in $;

Hair 40.99 x 2
Weaving cap 1.99
Mannequin head 5.50
Stocking cap (for wearing under wig) 0.99
Needles, threads and pins 3.00

So all in it came to less than £100. I expect this wig to last me approx 6 months as it is made from the most gorgeous remy hair. I dont sleep in it or work out in it and only use weave spray every couple of days. The hair is supposed to be good for 5-6 washes:grin:.

The cost is well worth it IMO as a normal weave at the hairdressers would probably cost me that and only last 6-8 weeks:nono:. Besides that, i go to the gym alot so need to be able to wash and DC my own hair regularly.