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I don't wanna be a PJ no more


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:lachen::lachen: Ladies I need your help. Seriously I need to cut down on the PJism. I'm about to have another baby and I know I can't continue the way I have been going on. I want to cut down on my product spending and I really need help finding a good, (cone free) moisturizer.

Ok here are all the products I currently have right now.

V05- several bottles I use for cw
Bed Head Moisture Maniac- for more moisture when cw-ing
Kenra Moisturizing Cond- another cond for cowashing when I need extra moisture
GVP Nexxus Humectress-giving away, didn't like
Joico K Pak Intense Hydrator- for DC, but don't like anymore
Blended Beauty Soy Cream Shampoo- although I am trying to go no poo, this is the only poo period that has not dried, stripped or tangled up my hair.

Blended Beauty Curl Cleansing Cream- I just cant let this one go- it's great at detangling and a in btw poo cleansing

KCCC- the best gel ever for my curls- Fantasia IC gel didn't even come close plus it doesn't dry out my hair and it makes it shiny
Kinky Curly KT- I can let this one go as I found a V05 cond that will do the same when I use the KCCC
Curls Milkshake
Curls Souffle- I used both CURLS products as a moisturizer but I hope to find cheaper.
Hairveda DC- I think I want to keep this as my moisture DC
Organix Coconut Milk cond- yes, it has cones but I love this as an indulgent treat every once and a while
Mega Tek
Pantene R&N mask- hate it, my hair felt coated, and I was rinsing it out forever!
various oils.

So my question is this ladies- despite my justifiying the various products I have :rolleyes:, what should I keep and what should I forget? I will probably give away a lot of stuff I don't just use up. But I want to narrow it down to the basics, if possible: poo, cond, cw cond, DC, and styling product. I can't keep spending $$$ on products.

Secondly, plesase please please what is a good moisturizer that isn't $$$$ expenisve for my thick hair?

I know I can count on you ladies!

Thanks! :grin:


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try kids organics shea butter. its the best ive tried but then again even though i am a pj i dont have top of the line products. second to that i would say is wave nouveau lotion. the WN was something i tried using from my product graveyard and it works very well and makes my hair really shiny. i dont like the smell though.

i think the best thing for my PJisim was giving myself a strict budget. which allowed me to only get my staples and 1 experimental product. its been working quite well!

and as for the gel i find that wet line xteme gel is the best gel ive used, all for the price of 99 cents. my hair dosent seem to like kcc and i wasted at least 30 for that. never again.


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i find kids organics in most beauty supply stores. they have a new formula with olive oil and it is just:lick: lol


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What about making your own glycerin and aloe vera mix for a moisturizer? S-Curl is popular too, I don't think it has any of the ''bad'' stuff in it :yep:

A GREAT cone free con is Sally's GVP Conditioning Balm :lick: