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I love, love, LOVE my new Flexi8 clip!


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Thanks lady! You know, I don't know how it will work on my natural hair yet, as I haven't tried it. My hair is straight right now so of course the bulk is taken out. I do plan on wearing it over my bun as Dlewis does, which shouldn't be a problem at all...but from a rinse/wash n go, right into the flexi8, I don't know. I will let you know!

Ok, thanks! :grin:

**off to check micarae's Fotki in the meantime**


Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes! Thanks, DLewis, for responding about sizes. I will probably get myself a large one too. I really like the xtra large one because as my hair grows out longer, it will sooooo come in handy. Thanks again ladies! I am getting ready to post my straightened hair pics, stay tuned! :)