"in our heads about our hair" documentary trailer


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it's about 2 mins long.


A documentary that examines with candor and humor Black women’s issues regarding hair and self-esteem, and advocates for the acceptance of all hairstyle choices.

Directed by Hemamset Angaza

Produced by Anu Prestonia, Maitefa Angaza and Paulette Maat Kesa Tabb


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Dangit...I can't watch it from my phone :( I'll have to view it when I get home.

sunnieb - what are you not saying? Was there something about the documentary you didn't care for?


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OMG the girl with bald head need to model

LOL! I was thinking when I saw her "yeah...when you look like that you can be bald and say 'oh it's so nice not doing anything to my hair.' Puh-leez!" Wish I would. Even my super-supportive husband said he'd have to object to me choosing to wear a bald head (actually it was a Mr. T mohawk--but close enough! :lachen:)


NYE side boob.
I like the way this looks.
I love what that one lady said about if she wears a fro on Monday and a press on Friday,(or something to that effect) she hasn't lost any love for herself in that time period. i can so agree!


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All I know is that somebody, somewhere, needs to do a better job than Chris Rock at examining black women and their hair. It's a fascinating subject and I think a thoughtful, well-done doc would definitely increase understanding and acceptance.