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In ur Opinion,what is the best haircare line?


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I don't even know where to begin when it comes to picking on haircare products! There is so many to choose from. I'm pretty sure no one uses just one haircare line, most mix and match. I just wanted to know which ones you feel are the best, and which ones kinda sucks..lol. I would greatly appreciate your opinion..thanks:grin:


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Read this before you buy anything!

I've found that for my hair, outside of natural oils and water, the only thing I need is Oyin conditioner. But that's just for me. You should definitely read the thread above before you go buy stuff based on everyone's recommendations. That's a sure way to become a frustrated pj.

La Colocha

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It is really hard to choose. But its easier to make decisions if you know what your hair needs and likes. Are you looking for all natural products, organic, salon, drugstore? Its so many variables that its mind boggling:spinning:. Try coming up with a list of what you want for your hair. Think of what type of ingredients that you want to use. Look back at the products that you have used before that did not work for you, what did they have in them. Another suggestion if you don't already do this is start a hair diary. I have one that i list the products that i use, how i use them, If they worked or not and what's in them. Hth


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You will never get answers that are truly synonymous as people have different likes and dislikes.

You may have to go through a bit of trial and error in products before you find staples that you truly like - but try not to go too crazy with buying stuff. Read the link that msa has provided.

I personally can't say I use one line exclusively, but do like the L'Occitane ranges.


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It's hard to decide. I review all different types of products for my website (http://www.antihairslave.com) so it's really hard to pick a favorite. Right now I'm loving Shu Uemura Art of Hair, the collection is relatively new but it has some great key items like the treatment, silk oil, and satin design. Then there are tons of drugstore products I love too.


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What ends up working for your hair will likely be completely personal. I don't recommend carbon copying recommendations. I think it is best to adapt them.

With that said, this is a hard one. I think you can never go wrong with natural oils, and natural products, especially if you whip them up yourself (I don't like many of others' creations).

As far as salon lines, my favorite is Alter Ego. They have a wide range of products (hundreds), which would make it simple to be exclusive to the line and still get all of your hair's needs fulfilled. I've also loved all of the Alter Ego products I have tried.

The drawback is that the line is not inexpensive, though it is not priced like Kerastase or even Aveda, depending on where your purchase the products.


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IA with that the other Ladies have said. It's bascially getting to know your hair's likes & dislikes and learning what works for Your Hair with Trial & Error until You arrive at the Product or Line of Products that work for You.

You may like a DC from one Line, but not anything else. A Reconstructor from another line, and a Good Leave-In from some place else.:love:

Then You can begin to build your staples from there. So far, it's been my experience to mix it up a bit and then possibly try to narrow it down.

That's a Realistic Approach --- But seeing how I am a True PJ and just like Buying "Stuff" although it sounds like it makes sense, I'll probably never get there due to excessive shopping.:sekret:

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If you are on a quest to find your staples I suggest you ask for samples where they are offered (Kiehls, Sephora, and L'Occitane are generous with giving these) and try them out. One thing you should also try to do is see how your hair likes products over a period of time. Some products build up/wear off. Other products have good accumulative effects. Take if from me: I've been on the Ateyaa bandwagon, the Joico bandwagon, and the Nexxus bandwagon years ago. What works for one will not always work for another.

Good luck.


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i really like the aphogee line for protein and the nutragena triple moisture line for moisture they are both resonably priced and they work for me, on the higher up end of the spectrum joico k-pak is a really good line for protein and i enjoy the biolage hydrotherapie for moisture


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It's taken me this long to realise and appreciate that NTM really works for me as a moisturiser!