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Innersense Organic Beauty

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I've been seeing these products for awhile so I started to try them out. I think Im digging the line overall. The only con is the price is a little high and im not a fan of thin bottles. I want round chunky bottles so i feel I'm getting all my product for my coins, lol.

So far I have purchased those listed below,

I create Hold
I create Volume
Quiet Calm Curl Control
Hydrating Cream Hairbath
Hydrating Cream Conditioner
Pure Harmony Hairbath
Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner

My favorites so far are the Hydrating Cream Conditioner and the I Create Hold. The conditioner is such a moisturizing conditioning feel to the hair The softening is wonderful after washing your hair. I really like it. Id love to have a huge conditioner but not for $80. The i create hold, is a nice styler that so far hasnt had any issues working with multiple stylers. I like it for extra oomp and shine so far on my hair.

The Hydrating Cream Hairbath isnt amazing to me but it works so well with the conditioner that it seems to be very obvious to use it together. I just prefer AG Hair shampoo over it. I havent decided if I will repurchase it again because I like AG over it. The Pure Harmony hairbath is for fine hair, Its a little bit more stripping to me than the Hydrating one. It did the job but again, I dont think I would repurchase. The Inspiration Daily conditioner was one step below the Hydrating Cream. It is very nice and instantly returned moisture to my hair after using the Harmony Hairbath,. I was impressed. I would buy that again.

The Calm curl control is creamy lotion. It foamed like a mousse but sank in after . The hold is very light. The bottle will last a long time. Ive only tried it once but I liked it in combination with the I Create volume.

The I create Volume was like a serum consistency. Very slippery and sank into the hair. I dont need volume but I wanted to try it in combination wit the Curl Control to see how my hair faired. All in all, its nice. I just found myself using more than I should have because its very loose. One thing that this company touts is that its products are highly concentrated and you dont need much.

I havent seen any deals other than their welcome discount when I signed up. In store ULTA had a bunch of products locally that were 75% off so i scored and is mainly the reason why I got a bunch of stuff.



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My stylists only uses Innersense. Last time she's used the Sweet Spirit leave in with I create hold. Nice results. She's also used the cream and gel. Also nice results but I think I liked the leave in /gel combo better.

At home, I create hold is a staple for me. I haven't bought anything else because I don't need another thing.

I agree that the products are concentrated. Little goes a long way. It's on sale on Ulta occasionally and you can use coupons on them.

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Im enjoying the look of my hair with the I Create Volume styler. I dont usually look for volume when styling my hair because it will swell up naturally over the course of the hair style but using ICV, Im noticing my hair looks fuller. I have fine strands which is only apparent if I flat iron but when its curly it looks dense which I like. Im going to play around with the ICV a little more to see how it works with a few other stylers.

Last time I used ICH and ICV with another topper gel.

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I used the Hydrating Hair bath as a second lather today and I could feel the moisture returning after using a clarifying shampoo. Followed it up with the hydrating conditioner and started my detangling step. Great products.
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My bottle of I Create Definiton came in yesterday. I used it in my usual test section. Hmm, here are my first impressions. It smells like basic lavender. It definitely doesn’t give the look of a gel. It’s super slippery and not sticky. It must be used on wet hair. I repeat, it must be used on wet hair. It gives a very crispy and firm cast. It will freeze frizz into place. Smoothing and the weight of water is necessary because it doesn’t have any real weight. I saw micro white flaky dust floating in the air and on my hair when i scrunched out the crunch. It feels like it will last several days.

I think it would preform better over a smoothing product. On the Innersense chat feature, the agent stated to use it over one of the creams such a serenity or calm curls. Beyond that, they said for longer lasting hold use ICV or ICH.

I’m going to either do a full wash n go by itself this evening or tomorrow morning. I wish they showed more stylist demonstrating how to use this product along with giving tips and tricks.