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Bug Instagram Posts Are Showing As Infinitely Long


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About half of the Instagram posts linked on the site have been showing up as infinitely long white boxes that I can’t see or scroll past. I can’t read the threads with this issue because they load as long white boxes that won’t let me scroll past. This happens on my iPad with safari.


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Is there a solution? I can't read half the threads on ET. For one asking us to come in and see something(Common related), but this glitch won't let me :cry3:


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I’m experiencing the same issue. I noticed it was also happening on another forum as well.


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Me too. It's been like this for a while but it's getting annoying. Whenever there is a thread with an IG post, I can't read anything further

This is what I see in the threads with IG post:

IMG_0437.PNG IMG_0437.PNG