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Ion Silk


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Has anyone ever used the Ion Silk line of products? I was eyeing them in Sally's the other day. There was a silk-infused shampoo and conditioner.

I checked the ingredients and silk amino acids were added in - near the middle of product ingredient list.

What ya'll think? Any reviews?

Also - I really need to write down the name of these products :wallbash: - I saw a shampoo specially designed for colored hair that said sulfate-free on the bottle. I think I might try it on my next visit to Sally's. Shampoos & conditioners for colored hair are supposed to be extra-gentle and moisturizing (even though I don't have colored hair :look:).


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i have the ion silk drops, it makes my hair soft and shiney :grin: after a rollerset, i want to try the shampoo and conditioner(add it to relaxer) wen i decide to relax...

does anyone know if its as good as chi silk infusion??:ohwell:


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i used the silk drops to straighten (I used it in conjunction with Chi Silk Infusion) but last time I just used the CHI. This time my hair was soooooo super soft.

(NOTE: I am going to attribute the newfound softness to the Ion Silk Drops but i also have to add that the Neutrogena Triple MOisture Deep Conditioner gave my hair some nice slip and the Denman brush went through it much easier than last time when I used Elasta QP DRP-11 and I sat under the dryer with the EQP for 30 mins but I didn't with the NTM. )