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Is natural hair helping or hurting black women?


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Ogoma, nothing fancy. I use three combs - extra wide tooth, medium and fine - to detangle. Then I just add a butter, usually As I am Double Butter, detangle and comb. I never do anything elaborate, I usually either flat twist in two and bun the ends or a straight bun. Today I used Komaza Moku Butter which smells divine. I think the delicious smell is what drew them in today. LOL!


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I transitioned back to natural hair in 2007 because I wanted to add more versatility. My hair was relaxed from 1981 thru 2006 and I didn't get to see my real hair until I was 36 years old. I didn't do the BC to make a statement or prove anything to anyone.

Today my hair is slicked back and in a bun. I change it up by flatironing or wearing wash and go's. I once wore my hair pretty BIIIIIG and I was like hmm maybe I won't do that again LOL but I keep it professional. I don't think my hair hurts my career. If anything I think my hair makes me unique because no two naturals have the exact same hair. So I'm like a snow flake :lachen:


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At my current job, I comb my hair every morning in my office and I get more visitors during that time than any other time of the day. I'm the only black person in my office and I find that white men are completely fascinated with my hair. Just this morning 4 of them came by, sat in my office and watched me comb it.

I would turn your office into a salon, cause you'd be doing my hair as well! :lol:


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But I also see with designing the parts it looks more classy then boxed puffs, but these are bantu knots I think, but what if her puffs had designed parts, would it be different?

I think seeing a woman wear bantu knots, in many people's minds, would be equivalent to seeing styles like this (cute, but kind of edgy):

So if the above would be considered acceptable, then bantu knots would also be fine. But if the above would not be considered conservative or professional enough, then I would say give the bantu knots a pass.