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Saturday night:
Dusted splits.
Shampooed with Kerastase Nutritive Bain.
Applied Olaplex no.0 + no.3.

Shampooed with Olaplex no.4
Conditioned with Olaplex no.5
DC with CR Algae Renew
Leave-in- SSI Apricot & Illipe Softening Milk Shake.
Style- TMC 24k Twisting Gel, Nairobi mousse and set on perm rods and flexi rods.


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Side note: stopped using MSM (even diluted) it was having a seirusly bad effect on me ... v overemotional etc.
It totally fixed a few days after stopping. My neurology or maybe med (Welbutrin) does not mix well with MSM even if v diluted.
My sister said it seems to have an effect on you like drugs do. Just putting this here in case someone has similar meds, it may not work well. Or I may be an anomaly in this regard.

Pre - G.seed oil, KC Humecto, liq. aloe vera.
Wash - City shield (Nexxus) + Nizoral (scalp)
Conditioner - Mane n Tail (first time trying it)
After henna treatment : Giovanni 50:50 cowash

henna 'gloss' (3+ hours so idk if it counts as just a gloss, it did deposit colour)
mixed it with humecto + g.seed oil and jojoba with neroli (no beneficial reason for the neroli apart from fragrance)
unfortunate to still see so much breakage lately, and the 'diameter' (cannot measure but visibly thinner)
coffee rinse + green tea/mint tea and/or scalp mix (SB + CB + argan + rosemary + monistat etc) possibly.. these definitely reduced shedding though. before it was shedding so badly (i was spraying the diluted ACV in my ROOTS and leaving it there! so silly!!!)

SB mix #1 on scalp
ic HP aloe + SB mix #2 + humecto + g.seed oil DC

ETA: Styled with Avene tolerance extreme lotion + SB mix 2.
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Sunday Evening
Detangle: Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp
Shampoo: Nizoral
Deep Condition: SheScentIt Royal Honey and Argan Oil MAsk
Scalp Condition: Aloe Vera Gel
Leave-in Kinky Curly Knot Today
Gel: Kinky Curly Curling Cusard
Sealant: Sweet Almond Oil/JBCO Butter Mix

Wednesday Evening
Coat Hair and Scalp with Aloe Vera Gel
Leave In: Kinky Curly Knot Today
Seal with Sweet Almond/JBCO Butter Mix


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Curlsmith Scalp line shampoo
Miche Protein Deep conditioner
Styling- Obia's Pink line: Curl Hydration Spray, Curl Moisture Cream and Curl Custard.

My hair is soft and not stiff.... gonna use this a few more weeks in a row.......


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
I thought it was some kind of scab hair situation (as I DO bump my head quite often, to no-one's surprise) which may be case for the 3 worst areas which have been like that for at least a year.

But I realized the uneven and strange texture of curl (strand feels 'bumpy' and fragile) throughout crown and back of head was down to using ACV rinses there and LEAVING it in.
N using daily
So me overdoing otherwise beneficial things as usual is the cause of damage

It has to be since I didnt use much if any at the front or sides and that's where the hair is fine.

I think the henna attempts didnt fix it but emphasized it by sticking on to uneven areas making them more uneven and crinkled in a weird way.

So yeah. I chopped off everything that needed it back to square one. It looks ok if I brush it down with product in it it appears smooth but Idk what my plans are rest of the week or anytime soon. Feel a bit down