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January 2018: Hits & Misses


Natural, 3abc/4a, Fine, medium density
Hit: keeping my hair in plaits. Since using my shea mix, I have been able to keep plaits in for more than three days. This allows for an easier wash day.
Hit: Ayurveda powders. The sky is the limit with the combinations you can make to assist you in hair growth. I currently make a hair oil, tea rinse, and shea mix. Actually, it's HG Status.
Hit: Generic H2O Bottle from Sally's. It is awesome!

Meh: Bask&Bloom Brahmi DC. You must add heat to get the best results. Your body heat is not enough. I still liked my results.


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Hairveda Strinillah Deep Conditioner - left my hair soft and moisturised. I'm glad as I stock piled several jars from black friday sales.

Using one whole jar of Hairveda Strinallah Deep Conditioner over two wash days. Thats half a jar per wash day. I know I'm heavy handed but I amazed myself with how much I used and my hair isn't even thick. I'm not too mad though. I just need to adjust and try and at least stretch out a jar to 3 uses.

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Kriya Botanicals Low Porosity oil

Hits for Little J.

Blue Roze Beauty Perm Rod Mousse. Gives his curls life like Noones business
QB Burdock Root cream, detangles, softens and gives him multiple days of soft hair

BRB only offering the perm rod mousse during certain sales


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Hit: Redken extreme anti snap leave in treatment. I used this product 2x and both times my hair responded well using it. It left my blowdried hair straighter, softer and seem to cut the blowdry time a bit. It is a fantastic product.

Miss: Redken extreme anti snap leave in treatment. I bought this product yrs ago but never used it. Today when I pumped some of the product on my hand, brown stuff out. I just pumped until the consistency looked normal.

I really don't want to throw this product out.:cry3:
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Revlon wet to dry flat iron, loves how silky and smooth my hair looked after using it. I can put down my beloved Sedu, since it no longer works.

Are you natural, texlaxed, or relaxed? Do you mind providing a product link? I googled and found several different things. TIA!


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Are you natural, texlaxed, or relaxed? Do you mind providing a product link? I googled and found several different things. TIA!

The name is incorrect, its the Remington Wet to Dry flat iron. I paid $20 from Target but its listed at $16.99 now.
Its awesome to be so cheap, It comes in 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch. I am tempted to buy another one just to have a back up.

I am natural with fine hair.

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Always a hit:
Human hair wigs! I’ve been wearing the same wig every single day for over 8 months straight.

Synthetic wigs barely last a month, and if they do they look like something died on your head. I’ve spent so much money buying a new synthetic wig every month. Let’s be honest, most synthetic wigs don’t look good after 2 weeks. Overall, I spent less money purchasing one wig that I can see lasting me for more months to come. I repeat: I wear this wig EVERY SINGLE DAY and it still looks bomb.