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January 2021: Hits & Misses


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Revisited Hit:
SCurl & SB (to help keep hair stretched & detangled)

Continued Hits (in no particular order)
SSI's Juicy Moisture Shots
Jessicurl Deep Treatment
KBN Mango-Mint Detoxifying Conditioner
Yadain Cultural Solutions *various*
ST'icals Master Cleanse
TMC Carrot & Green Tea Revitalization
Alikay Naturals Botanicals
Naturalista Juicy


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Soultanicals Hair to the Rescue Ambunu Rhassoul cowash.
I pH tested it and it has a pH of 8.0! No wonder my hair hates it. I guess I will add ACV to it. Not a repurchase.
I didn't know they had a new Cowash? :look:

I bought a new Winter Hair Grease from them. Not sure when its suppose to shiip?

I almost forgot about that until I read your post. I gotta stay on top of this purchase.


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I’m having a go at more protective styles so I needed more moisturising products. New hits for me this month are qhemet biologics - olive and honey hydrating balm and burdock root butter cream - amazing products very moisturising and I barely shed much after my first wash.


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CR Spiked Honey Mousse. I was expecting it to be like every other mousse on top of UFD Curly magic (how I use mousse) but my wng definition is on point. I'll give it a couple more tries before I declare it better than The Doux and Design Essentials Mousse buuuuttt I'm really liking how my Day 2 hair is looking and feeling.
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Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend
Deffffinitely a sealing oil. Gave my hair shine and locked in whatever products I had on my hair. Also majorly helped when using the Melanin Leave In as a prepoo. Still on the fence if it's a staple but I would definitely buy it again considering I go through oil like nothing.


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Hit: Constantly using SB scalp mix - did not notice issue of excessive shedding for some days now, inc wash today
Excellent recipe for SB scalp mix that i was basing it on,
was shared by a lady here, iaec06:

Hit: replacing ACV with herbal teas for 2ce daily scalp (mainly) rinsing
Hit: think taking vitamins and supplements for HAIR helped my foot heal faster.
B vits, f.seed oil, silica, iron, saw palmetto, MSM (reduced to every couple of days ), greens+ powder, fresh juices almost daily etc --only done for hair---

could be it helped my bones heal? doctor had said it should take at least till February to heal,
don't walk till mid-February, stay in bed, etc
hen i asked for specifics, he said, you should not be leaving the house even with crutches (didn't listen to that).
and I've been pretty okay for a few days now and doing everything, like carrying kids up and down the stairs.

Miss: Using these tiny scissors, in the little sewing kits at dollar stores, to cut hair

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