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November 2020 --> 14 years natural!!!
Let's remain very vigilant. The enemy likes to play into our emotions and what we can see with our own eyes. Notice that everything that's going on nowadays, involving both Black and White people; is being analyzed through the prism of racism.

My professor once said that cheap stories sell. They get everybody all riled up in a bunch, making one feel good about themselves because they're on "the good side", failing to dig deeper. Here in Belgium, a young man died, after going through a hazing ritual. His name was Sanda Dia. He was biracial and the media is playing it out as some sort of race crime, failing to mention his family background.

The young man came from a blended family. This morning I woke up, feeling that maybe I could write a letter to his biological mom, to comfort her: couldn't find a single detail on her. Which is odd right? Because I would think that they would at least want to interview her, to get the sympathy of the public. Nope, nada, zilp.

The details of the hazing ritual of this young man are beyond disgusting to say the least. One must have felt extremely ostracized within his family unit, to oblige to going through such atrocities...in order to not only feel and be accepted by his peers...but ultimately, also by his parents and his half siblings. In fact, one is not able to find any details about the family whatsoever. We all know what happens to blended families from the story of King David.

To extrapolate: I used to be extremely happy when hearing about the achievements of the Black women of this generation. But then it got me thinking: we're trying to make up for something we never had ==>> a father. And in financial terms, we really do need to get all these degrees, because otherwise, it becomes too difficult financially. This doesn't only go for our ethnicity, most women from this generation grew up without strong family units...so we are exchanging a warm family home for achievements...just to make up for lost time.