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June 2013..What Did YOU Buy This Week??(Hair Care Edition)


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Stocked up on scurl no drop .. Original formula.I bought 3 of the 32 oz bottles.*Everywhere I go the new and improved formula is on the shelves.My hair HATES the new formula

Lol!! I bought 3 of the 32 oz S curls original formula the other day... Got that from Toy. Gotta stay stocked!! It was only 3 originals left... Love S curl...


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Loaded up on Ouidad products during the sale...

2 - Five piece sample sets
1 - Climate Control Gel
3 - Sun Shield Leave Ins
3 - Moisture Lock Leave Ins
2- Gel samples

Not bad for $17 including shipping. :yep:


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Hairitage Hydration

Greek Yogurt
Soft Summers Twisting Gel

Kizuri Beauty

Cocoa Vanilla Deep Conditioner
Chai Latte Moisture Butter
Coconut Mango Leave-In Conditioning Cream

Tropic Isle Coconut Hair Food Pomade
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