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Kazmaleju Hair tools: Whats good??

Bette Davis Eyes

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Okay ladies and gents,

Did a search and saw a few of you purchased some of these hair tools. Whats good about the paddle comb if you have it? Whats your hair type as far as density?

Does this aid? How is it versus the Felicia Leatherwood or the horse detangling brush knock off?


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I just got the full set in the mail last week. I've used the pik for fluffing my twist-outs and I like it better than a normal pik. It's harder to hold, but it only focuses on the roots, so it adds volume without adding frizz. I also love the detangling brush. I have fine/medium, dense, shoulder-length hair and this brush gets through large sections faster than any other brush that I have (I have the original Felicia brush, the Ultimate Tangle Teaser, and the Wet Brush paddle brush). I do have to be a little more careful with this brush when I detangle, but I don't get any breakage and detangling is still very quick (about 5 minutes).


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Why do you have to be a little more careful? @colorful_coils
It's due to the weight and size of the brush's bristles. It's much heavier and thicker than those of normal brushes, so I can't pull it through my hair the same way that I would a normal brush. It forces you to detangle carefully and properly (ends to root). It's very similar to finger detangling.


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I like the paddle comb.

It is heavy and it takes a minute to adjust to holding it, based on how it's made. I used it once and I was able to detangle faster than normal.

I wouldn't mind having the small pick to keep in my purse.

It is different than the Felicia Leatherwood brush. I bought both of them from the same shop and the owner suggested using the paddle comb first then following up with the Felicia Leatherwood brush. In the past, I have detangled with a wide toothed comb then used a smaller toothed comb afterwards.

Also the Felicia Leatherwood brush helps you style your hair since it clumps your curls as you use it. I think it's when you use it vertically.

My paddle brush should arrive today.

Bette Davis Eyes

The "OG" Product Junkie
I used it yesterday on wash day after adding my leave in and before styling.

Its like using a wide tooth comb. It detangled. What I noticed is, that after I detangled a section, i would run my hand down the strands, and the small shed hairs would come out. The teeth are spaced wide, so it detangles a good section at a time. I just need to run my hands down the section to catch the little hairs that came out after because the teeth are so wide.

I'll keep using it for now to see how it goes, It did the job. I didnt hear any ripping. I started at the ends and worked my way up. I'll be trying it on the oldest today.


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OH MY GOOOODNESS!! i want to try this brush. I rather invest in this brush instead of the tangle teaser
I' m going to book mark this.... When it's back in stock. I'm going to try this out. I hope this will work with my 4c hair..
If I can cut down an 2 hour detangling session. I will be sooooo happy