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Knowing all that you do about haircare, will you ever quit your journey?

Are you in this hair game for life?

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Yes, I may. I have quit it before, and comeback, so, it could happen again. I get bored with things and take up something new.


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I would have to continue my journey even after I reach my goal of Full MBL. I will no longer focus on length as much, but I will definitely keep up healthy hair habits, cause a setback can happen at any time if I dont. And I'll be damned if I go back to a scraggley CBL.


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After I reach my goal length, I think I'll enjoy my hair a lot more, trim more frequently to combat protective styling less and I'll stop tracking my growth.

I wont give up low-manipulation, DCing, moisturizing and sealing, using my wide tooth comb, steaming-none of that. Im in it for life!!


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Yes I'm in it for life. I believe being healthy is a journey that never ends. That goes with hair care, exercise and anything else.


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I will always take care of my hair. The only thing I will stop or reduce is protective styling. I wont be such a renegade with it when I reach my ultimate hair goal.


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For me, it's a no brainer...If I stop the hair journey, I feel that everything that I've worked so hard for will be for not. Once you start this type of ball rolling, there is no going back!

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It's knowledge that you always have with you. I can't say I won't ever get lazy :look: but I wouldn't go back to sheer abuse. More likely a state of benign neglect. But that's only if something drastic happens. :yep:


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I didn't vote in the poll, because I will always take care of my hair keep it moisturized and handle it gently.

I may not always protective style 98% of the time like I am now. I may not always DC weekly. I will probably not try every exoctic natural ingredient that is beneficial to hair.

I think when I am happy with my length, I will switch to maintenance mode and enjoy my hair, with a more balanced kiss approach.


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Good haircare is a part of me for life.
I would 'never' go back to what I did before. :nono:
I did not know how to take care of my hair and let every so-called professional do it. Result....spent way too much money, loss of time and hair until I found LHCF. :yep:


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I don't have so much of a length goal, it's more of a keeping it healthy goal. I want to keep my regimen as simple and natural as possible (with the exception of being relaxed of course, I don't mean to be hypocritical). And I'm in PJ rehab right now. I'm not buying anything new until what I have is gone. If it doesn't work it's getting junked. And whatever's working now I will keep using until I notice signs otherwise. Heck, I love doing my hair so much now I'm thinking of doing other people's hair! (Is that apostrophe in the right place?)


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Now that I'm here, I plan to always take good care of my hair. I may not always be as obsessed with following my routine as I am now, but I won't go back to abusing it like I did before.

Now whether I will always keep it long is a totally different story.


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Ok....it would be silly for me to stop caring for my hair after I reach my hair goal. It's because I take care of my hair that I have hair on my head! :lachen: if I stop doing the things I learned from LHCF, then I would just loose all my hair.
Would there be much point in quitting? I don't want bad damaged hair again! Of course I'm gonna keep it up, whether I stay natural, or relax, or even get locs, have it long, medium or short, I will do my best to keep it healthy. And I'm excited for my future kids too, I'll know how to treat their hair right, and no relaxer is gonna touch them until they are old enough to make a proper decision about it.


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I don't know about you ladies, but I'm in this for life. Haircare was a life changer for me. If that wasn't true i would've quit a long time ago cause God knows how many setbacks I've had in the last 3 years.

Same as you, I'm in this for life. I can't imagine not caring for my hair or my appearance in general so I'm in this for the long haul.

Plus at this point I know what works, what doesn't so I feel more confident being a DIY'er than I ever have before. My next goal is to be as dedicated to my body's health as I am to my hair LOL :grin: If I were as dedicated to my weight as I am to my hair I'd be a super model, geez!


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My haircare journey has now turned into a lifestyle. Even when I reach my length and shrinkage goals I will still do the same things.
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I think once you reach your goal, healthy hair care practices are already ingrained in you. That like me finding the perfect natural moisturizer then once I hit WL going back to Pink Lusters Oil. Your practices are never the same.


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I have a simple, low maintenance routine that works for me. I don't see a reason to suddenly start treating my hair poorly just b/c I've reached my goals.


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I'm a lifer! I know what happens when I stop DCing and it's not pretty, lol. Plus I really want to see how long my hair can get so I'm in it for the long haul.


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Nope... :nono:
I will not do anything different when I reach my goal that I will not do now... I am practicing healthy hair care habits and will continue to maintain my healthy hair..


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I won't be die-hard forever. My goal is to be a minimalist in the future.

I was ignorant to my hairs needs before. Now, I am not. When you know better, you do better...


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I'm going to care for my hair for life because if I don't all of my hard work would have been in vain, and I be dog on if I let my hair go to crap.


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I've quit my hair journey...when you've been relaxed all your life and come across this board and see all these beautiful natural heads and you start to transition I think you get the wrong expectations...the average length after a year of being natural has been APL 90% of the time but I personally have yet to see full sl. On top of the hair being a fro with no hangtime yet (how long will this take?) it gets even more frustrating..I'm convinced that lower numbers have it way easier as far as being natural 3s don't have to deal with tangles and knots and their hair holds moisture better so it thrives while 4s are a challenge. I was sure I would at least have hang time after a year but nope not even close with the shrinkage so I'm ready to end this and possibly go back to perming it simply because I'm at the point of feeling it's no longer worth the time or effort that I used to contribute solely to haircare.


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I would if I decided to relax again because I had healthy thick beautiful relaxed hair. I paid my stylist good money to take care of my hair for me. She was all about healthy hair and quality products. She was constantly educated herself. I really miss her but with a bush I can't see spending that kind of money.


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Its more of a hobby for me to take care of my hair. I luv learning about different products, styles and what and what not to do. Im always noticing peoples hair whether its men or women. I dont think there will ever be a time that I stop caring about what I do to my hair. I know once I reach my goal length I wont be "as" concerned but I will always have good practices.


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This thread makes me think of the quote, "Life is a journey, not a destination" by Ralph Waldo Emerson. That's how I feel about my hair. For me, haircare is not just about reaching goals. It's also about maintaining those goals and achieving new ones. I apply my life principles to my hair: in order to continuously see positive results, I must continuously work in such a way to render positive results.

If I'm not on a journey, then I'm being stagnant--and stagnancy is a BIG :nono::nono::nono: in my book.
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I hit the wrong button, LOL! I'll keep doing what I'm doing to maintain my hair even after I've reached my goals.