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Knowing all that you do about haircare, will you ever quit your journey?

Are you in this hair game for life?

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I am in this for life!! :woot: Taking care of my hair has given me so much inspiration, that I am interested in other aspects of my health and care. So many of the things I, do, use and take for my hair is also beneficial to my skin and body. I have seen so much progress and so much good change all over (hair, skin and body), that I think it would be silly of me to just stop. I plan on being one hot mama even as I get older too, like some of other hot ladies on this board. :yep:


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I wouldn't know how to stop doing my hair this way after learning all of this. It's like it all becomes a part of what you do.

How can I go back to doing stuff AFTER I learn that it wasn't right for me?


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My regimen is simple and similar to what my mom used to do when I was a little girl. She kept my hair growing past APL. I ruined my hair when I got my hands in it. I will def follow this regimen fo' life b/c I LOVE long healthy hair esp on older women. It makes me think they actually slow down and take time to pamper themselves and put great effort into their hair. I want to pass my techniques onto my daughter if i ever have any children. I will also continue with vitamins as well.


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I've quit my hair journey...when you've been relaxed all your life and come across this board and see all these beautiful natural heads and you start to transition I think you get the wrong expectations...the average length after a year of being natural has been APL 90% of the time but I personally have yet to see full sl. On top of the hair being a fro with no hangtime yet (how long will this take?) it gets even more frustrating..I'm convinced that lower numbers have it way easier as far as being natural 3s don't have to deal with tangles and knots and their hair holds moisture better so it thrives while 4s are a challenge. I was sure I would at least have hang time after a year but nope not even close with the shrinkage so I'm ready to end this and possibly go back to perming it simply because I'm at the point of feeling it's no longer worth the time or effort that I used to contribute solely to haircare.

Hey... take it easy. Its not about continuing your natural hair journey if you feel its not for you. You could continue it relaxed if you feel its morer beneficial to your lifestyle. I have 3c/4a hair and the 4a hair at the back of my head behaves the best. Least tangles, doesn't get heat damaged as easily as the top of my head (3c), and seems to grow faster too. Its not all gravy for the lower numbers but that doesn't matter. What matters is your hair. If you want to relax it again, do so. The question is will you go back to the way you treated it before?

As for me, I'm already pretty simple with it, but even after goals are reached, you know I wanna keep that!
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Now that I'm here, I plan to always take good care of my hair. I may not always be as obsessed with following my routine as I am now, but I won't go back to abusing it like I did before.

I will always take care of my hair so that I can have healthy hair no matter what length it is.

Its more of a hobby for me to take care of my hair. I luv learning about different products, styles and what and what not to do. Im always noticing peoples hair whether its men or women. I dont think there will ever be a time that I stop caring about what I do to my hair. I know once I reach my goal length I wont be "as" concerned but I will always have good practices.

I voted yes I'll always be on my HHJ, but in actuality I'm somewhere in the middle of these ladies' responses.

Will I ever be able to go back to pooing 2-3 times, then roughly towel dry and plaiting up with grease again? Hayle naw!

Will I still be pre-pooing, DCing for hours, tea rinsing, moisturising and sealing twice a day, scalp massaging daily, being a natural products/oils/accessories PJ forever? Not a chance.

I'm sure my fave hobby will become less important, but not totally abandoned. I wanna keep my progress as a testimony to all the time and £ I've spent!


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Even before the boards I took good care of my hair Now that I know even more I cant see myself ever throwing out all my good practices. I can see myself simplifying as time goes on though and hopefully my PJism will eventually go away.


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I'm in this for life. My current regimen isn't elaborate or complicated so it's definitely sustainable. I've got to set an example for my (future) daughters.


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When I first started my HHJ back in 2007, I was on so many bandwagons, trying all sorts of things. But through the years I've narrowed down my products and thrive on low manipulation/low heat...I know what works.:yep: So as I get older, I'll continue to "care" for my hair, but I don't think I'll do the special rinses/massages/new growth treatments that are the latest and greatest. Hair grows regardless, and retains if you "treat it like fine lace" as one LHCFer said. :grin:


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Other people buy those deep conditioners at walmart and sally's too - not just lhcf'ers - right??

The way I see it, as you travel through life you learn things from others. If they're good things and work for you then you stick with them. But if "journey" means spending all your free time conditioning your hair and layering on 8 or 9 products to try and achieve a look - I think that's a temp thing for just about everyone.