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Landlord Tenant struggles


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Plenty of people decided that this pandemic would be a come up for them. My friend has tenant who has been collecting unemployment that actually increased her income and still not paid a dime. The courts are so backed up that it will probably be this time next year before she can evict her. The tenant told her that she was engaged and saving the money for the down payment on her own house with her new husband. :ohwell:
If that was my tenant I'd explain to her that if you served the eviction now, she'd have a hard time getting a job and a loan in the future. If your friend serves her now, the time WILL come eventually and it will be a mark against her credit as well.

Many people are super super ignorant of the facts regarding how and what types of things can ruin credit. I know people to this day are learning that apartments they abandoned showed up as evictions on their credit.

I tell new employees all the time: working for us, we do a preliminary background, which is enough to get you the job....but we do a deeper hit about 60 days in and boy, people have lost their jobs for not disclosing stuff or the evictions and past frauds they committed 10-20 years ago that shows up to haunt them now.