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lead hairs challenge?


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I think I'm going to do this one until I get to BSL. Then I will keep my lead hair there until the rest catches up. I have had braids in for 8 weeks and some of my hair has over an inch of growth while some only has about 1/2 inch.


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Janet and winona, thanks! I'll try that four quadrant method next week. I'm assuming it's best done on straight hair, and I will be flat ironing at that time (hopefully I"ll see the splits and some progress). I'll post pics then, too.


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Ladies, can we post end of the year pics, since so many of us are already in Challenges that end Dec 31?


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I fell off:sad: I got carried away on an S & D mission... please don't :spank: me.

Here is my hair...length check on 11/12/2010

*handing over my scissors*
i hadnt wrapped yet so it wasnt laying down as nice as sept. pic. this pic is from nov. 17, it might be hard to tell but if you look you can see that my first fat roll is covered up now and more hair is touching the second fat roll.


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I'm still here. My shed hairs love to rip off my brave lead hairs but they won't be vanquished. It seems as if the group slightly left of center are in the lead but I won't know for sure until I flat iron in January.


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I wonder if I should join this challenge. The sides of my hair consistently grow in faster than the back...very frustrating. I've been trimming in to even it out, but then the middle gets too long, and back and forth.

I was just thinking about trimming again, but it's slowing me down from reaching my goal of BSL. I'll post a picture next time I flat iron.


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I'm not a part of this challenge but have a question...how do you baby the lead hairs when it's just a few strands here and there rather than a lot of lead hairs (if that makes sense).


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I just continue doing what I'm doing...In my case, it's wash and go's or wash and go pony's...Keep them up and out of the way...they catch up...


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How are you lead-haired ladies doing?

Gurll!!! starring at my scissors like a fiend looking 4 another hit! My hair is full APL but those leads, or my V that shoots out from my nape area is like BSB :blush:

It makes me feel like my hair is thin when straight but I never keep it that way I always pin curl or something so I am going to keep doing my S&Ds and see this whole V thing grows out.


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@ppg0069..don't cut girlie!!!! As long as they're not split...leave em alone!!!!

@D.Lisha, I'm doing fine- hoping those lead hairs have lead my hair to MBL...we shall see in 8 days!