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List of black owned bussinesses


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I remember a while back people were mentioning they are tired of supporting Asians especially being that they don't have respect for African American yet we support their business so much. So since then I believe BSS sales have tumbled because we are aware of these things or came to a realization that these things are true. I'm going to list a few of black owned businesses and feel free to add on to the list. thanks in advance!!!

1. Miss Jessie's (Miss Jessie's Original)
2. Kimberly Kimble (Kimble Hair Care Systems)
3. De Shawn Bullard (NouriTress)
4. Jane Carter (Jane Carter Solutions)
5. Taliah Waajid (Black Earth Products)
6. Lisa Price (Carol's Daughter)
7. Drs. Joe and Eunice Dudley (Dudley Beauty Corp., LLC
8. Fred Luster Sr. (Luster Products Inc.)
9. Kim Etheredge and Wendi Levy (Mixed Chicks)
10.Drs. Tiffany Bailey Lash and Tashni Ann-Dubroy (Tea and Honey Blends)