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Long Hair Care Forums Mobile?


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Just copying this question from the Hair Forum in hopes that someone can help me out:

When I log in on my BlackBerry (which is what I'm usually on) I am immediately directed to LHCF Mobile. This just started today. Is there any way to change it back to the original format? I can't see anyone's pictures or anything.

A few of the other ladies have this question as well. Any suggestions?
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I last logged on from my Treo a few days ago and it was normal..I JUST logged on today and I got directed straight to the mobile version as well


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I was on this morning and it was fine, so some time after I went to class (after say, 9 am) it changed.


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I don't like it either. I saw the mobile version on my blackberry earlier today around 2 p.m. I like the regular version better.


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This view makes my BB :sad: I miss the pictures. I must admit though, it is WAY faster... Maybe I can get used to this.


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I thought there was something wrong with my browser on the blackberry. I was on earlier and it looked normal, now I'm stuck with the mobile view. :(


Its back. Thank you OP for chimin in. I see your location so I know u felt it yesterday :lachen: I'm glad its back to normal!


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thank you bev! Thank u nikos!

I thank y'all for the getting things back to normal quick!


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Thank you so much Bev and Nikos! The new format/style is awesome. Thanks to everyone for keeping the thread going too.