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Long-term Naturals Who Are Over Their Hair


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I'm over my hair. I love my hair, but I want a drastic change. I gave natural thing a good 12 years so far. I love all the twists and fros and twist-outs, but my hair just likes to get SSKs and tangles. I just don't feel like dealing with it like this any more. I'm tired of the the styling time and the constant detangling needed, which leads to excessive breakage for my fine, coarse strands.

I am not going to relax, but I'm thinking of being a mostly blowdried and lightly pressed natural for an overall different appearance and texture feel as well as combating the SSKs and tangles. Maybe I will color my hair too? I've never done that before. Maybe I need to focus on growing to new lengths I've never had so that I can feel like there is something different.