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L'Oreal Hair Fixer Review


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I stumbled upon this product at Sally's and decided to do some research. After reading some great reviews about this product online, I decided to give it a shot. I have 4B relaxed hair so I was freaked out when the product directions stated that conditioner should NOT be used with the product. The reason is because conditioner can coat the hair and hamper the effectiveness of the solution.

The product comes with six applications, and with every use my hair became stronger and stronger. I am soooo exteremely pleased with the long-term results. My hair is no longer the same fragile hair it was once. As part of my experiement, I kept my shed/broken hairs after each application to measure my progress. I've posted pictures on my blog. Here is the link to the post.


For those of you who have tried the product, were your results as good as what I experienced?

BTW, here is the product description for those of you who have never heard of it before.


Enhanced formula with added restructuring molecules and amino acid complex gives hair intensified repair and enhanced protection to the hair fibers. Provides greater strength and resistance to external aggressions. Hair is more manageable, softer, smoother and shinier.

The Hair Fixer rebuilds and restructures damaged hair. Each application penetrates the cortex and actually restructures the hair fiber with large, strong molecular bonds. This forms an inner network of strong new bonds that reinforce weakened linkages. The more damaged the hair, the deeper the Hair Fixer penetrates.

The Hair Fixer strengthens and conditions chemically processed hair. Any chemical or coloring process alters the structure of the hair. The Hair Fixer contains amino acids that help to reinforce and protect the hair, so it maintains its strength and elasticity through any chemical process. It works instantly and remains in the hair; each application adding to the good work of the previous one. So hair becomes stronger... with shine, manageability and a naturally beautiful appearance.

The Hair Fixer builds volume on thin hair and helps thin hair stay strong as possible and look as thick as possible. You can actually see and feel the hairs full, firm finish. Hair has more body and volume... it looks thicker and fuller.

The Hair Fixer is easy to use and is not rinsed out, so the substantive benfits stay in the hair for maximum effectiveness. There is no greasy or sticky feel. One formula suits all your clients needs.

Loreal Ineral Hair Fixer Includes:
(1) Loreal Ineral Hair Repair Lotion 4oz
(1) Applicator Bottle
(6) Loreal Ineral Hair Repair Tablets
(1) Easy to Follow Instruction Sheet


Lotion: Water, Dimethylol Ethylene Thiourea, VP/VA Copolymer, Polyquaternium 4, Amodimethicone, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Monosodium Citrate, Polyquaternium 11, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydroxyethyl Oleyl Dimonium Chloride, Magnesium Acetate, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Sodium Sulfate, Trideceth 12, Aspartic Acid, Sodium Chloride, Stearic Acid, Cetrimonium Chloride, Simethicone, Green 5, Alcohol Denat., FIL (D3333/1).

Tablets: Corn Starch, D&C Green 5, Dimethyol Ethylene Thiourea, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium Sulfite, Stearic Acid.


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I saw this at Sally's yesterday and I was wondering if any of you tried it and Voila! here it is!!! That's awesome! Thanks for the review..

I love this site!


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Thanks, I bought this product a few weeks ago. I used it once and didn't believe because my hair did not feel stronger, now I see that I need to do all 6 treatments. I also googled it looking for a review and I saw your blog. You said it worked but didn't show those pictures. I will definately finish my trial.


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Sylver, I decided to perservere and go thru all the treatments because of my desperation. I also noticed that others who reviewed it said that the hair would improve with each application.

I do, however, think that there could be a point of diminishing returns where your hair could suffer more from not using the conditioner. That's why I suggest using your good conditioners as a pre-poo and make sure you have a great moisturizer. If you can balance the hair's need for moisture, then you are all set.


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I bought this early last year or so and used it twice, wouldn't swear I saw a difference though, perhaps like a PP says I should've used it the whole 6 applications


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Wow Great way to track. I think I'ma get this my hair is shedding/breaking like crazy. How much is it?

Oh I see it's about $8 online. Also I see it's only for relaxed, chemically treated hair? Right?
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