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Low Manipulation=Dry Roots????

Prose Princess

New Member
So I'm big on stretching my relaxers since I've joined this forum, I think it's doing good things for my nape, edges, and crown. HOWEVER, I find it difficult to keep my new growth moisturized without going through and parting my hair in sections and applying my moisturizer of choice to it. All of this manipulation can sometimes end up in more hair in the comb/the sink than I feel is necessary.

I've tried spritzing, but my relaxed hair doesn't like watery moisturizers, and really my new growth doesn't like them that much either, it needs thicker moisturizers. I have my staple moisturizers, but they are different for my new growth and relaxed hair so I don't see how spritzing would really work anyway because in order for it to reduce manipulation I would have to spritz both. :ohwell::perplexed:nono:

So my question is, for the ladies who stretch, how do you keep your new growth moisturized without a lot of manipulation? Am I just gonna have to put up with it and be extra gentle?


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Have you tried just parting with your fingers? I find I am much more gentle with my fingers than with a comb.


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If your moisturizer has a thin enough consistency, you can apply it to your roots with an applicator tip. (with an empty doo gro oil bottle and applicator).


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I use the UBH Lotion Creme Moisturizer. I put in on my index finger and thumb and squeeze it thru my NG upward away from the head.
I use jojoba oil on my scalp and my scalp looks good, and I'm about 8 weeks post with two underprocess relaxers, so I have tons of new growth, I don't oil my scalp everyday, just every now and then.....especially with my relaxer coming up, I I try not to comb too much....and everything is good.....