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Luscious Healthy Ends Challenge 2012


New Member
Wow, how could I have forgotten this thread??
I got about 1.5 inches cut off to even my left side with my right and to get rid of damage. This was about a moth ago at the same time I got my relaxer.

Frustrated though because I still have issues. When I go to seal my ends I have little broken pieces coming off in my hand. Arrgggh!


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this thread helped me to figure out my ends issues and allowed me to finally see some progress this year.

will need to continue next year so, yep Im in !!!


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Baggied my hair tonight. Didnt add any oil or product, I just want my ends to be in a friction free environment. I've done this a couple nights this week.


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[USER=105443 said:
coyacoy[/USER];17595631]I need to join the 2013 challenge ....I've been neglecting my ends and it shows!

The new thread is up. It should be in the 1st 3 pages somewhere.