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Luscious Healthy Ends Challenge 2022


5 Year Shea Anniversary: Started Dec 16th, 2016!
My hair was feeling funny yesterday. So, decided to put on some cheap conditioner and left it in BEFORE I did my Aphogee 2 Step. I think that was a good decision. I also did not braid my hair as my hair was also STICKING. I tried to sit under the dryer but it was too hot. The roots got crispy and hard.So I put my hair in bantus and put on a cap and went to sleep. I have yet to rinse and deep condition.

I swear I feel like I'm getting my summer coat of fur because this hair does not seem like mine. I don't know her. Onward and upward: rinse, deep conditioner, hair butter slather and style. Wish me luck.


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I just got a trim yesterday. This was my first time seeing this stylist and she raved over how healthy my hair is. She said the entire length except the very ends were super healthy.
I’m still slowly getting rid of the hair I had when I used to wash with baking soda. I stopped over 3 years ago and it’s almost gone, but that stuff really did a number on my hair.