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Lush Hair Care = Mega Moisture!


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Is anyone using Lush for their hair? I tried the regimen in the video below today and it was fantastic. I've never experienced moisture like this! Staple worthy. My only modification was to add Avocado Co-Wash after shampooing. They are expensive, but given their solid form, I could see the conditioners and shampoo lasting for months and the a slice of the co-wash and Damaged treatment lasting about 4-6 washes.

Regimen in order:
  • Coconut Rice Cake Shampoo Bar
  • Avocado Co-wash
  • American Cream Pressed Conditioner + Damaged Hair Treatment
  • Queen Bee Sweet Styling Balm
ETA: Just finished twisting and tied my hair up. My hair extra soft and LUSH. Gonna use this for a while, but I am SHOOK!

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I never thought about it at all, but I'm going to stick to this routine and see. So far, I'm impressed.

Yeah, I learned about Lush on Nappturality back around 2005. The Henna Noir, Jasmine and Henna fluff eaze were my favorites. They just were too expensive for me in the long run. @Kurlee

Combine that with the fact that Lush rarely does sales, I was out! I used some of the bodycare items too.