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Maintain Senegalese Twists


This is a huge forum and I'm relatively new, so forgive me if a thread already exists for this topic. . .

I got Senegalese twists put in last weekend and I am already ready to take them out! My natural hair is a twa, so that is causing frizz issues on the top of my head, but I have a friend with short natural hair and she always has smooth twists, so I am wondering what I am doing wrong. I should have asked this question before I even got them put in because I don't know how to maintain them at all. My friend said she puts braid spray on them but it causes too much build up and I would like to avoid that. Any suggestions?
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Bump! I'm getting senegalese twists for the first time in a few days and would also like to know how to maintain them.


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I was relaxed when I had mine... I used braid spray and on wash days I diluted my shampoo with water. I didn't have any problems. I had them for 3 or 4 months.


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mine did get kinda fuzzy after 3 weeks or so, but i did a rush job. just make sure to spray them and sleep with a scarf on and you should be fine...