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Heatless blowdry.

Hi everyone!

Please be inspired. 3 years ago, I was relaxed and balding (my hair was hardly ear length), look now!

For more pictures and info, please see "My Hair" post on my blog (http://www.bootyfurl.co.uk/2012/10/my-hair.html). Also at the same link (http://www.bootyfurl.co.uk/2012/10/my-hair.html), please leave all your questions or tweet me (http://www.twitter.com/bootyfurl).

By the way, I started the 12 inches in 12 months challenge in January 2012, looks like it did well - feel free to have a look!

* Update - "MY HAIR STORY" - taken from a previous LHCF post I wrote:

I used to be balding all over especially my temples and nape. That was a few years ago when I was relaxed, now I'm 19 (July 2012) and natural.

I never thought I'd ever be at this stage where masses of people ask me for advice. I used to cry over my hair and now I cry tears of happiness. Ok, so my hair is so thick and long it may take HOURS to do twists but I'm so grateful, it can take days for all I care. It feels like dream. Honestly. It feels amazing when all my friends and family and strangers compliment me on my hair but can I tell you what also feels amazing? When the girls who laughed at my non-existent hair 3 years ago see now, my heart smiles but to be honest I took their negativity and turned it to a positive.

I have memories of all my hairdresser visits where they just did not care for my hair, one in particular around a year and a few months ago left me with a bleeding scalp. I can only wonder how these hairdressers see a young vulnerable girl crying in agony but do nothing about it. You see, the thing that hurts me most is that I put my ultimate trust in these people. Before they start I beg them not to do it tight. I beg them not to hurt me. I'd much rather have a loosely sewn weave than sleepless nights and migraines for a month. Since I was younger, I have always had a tender scalp and rather than these hairdressers acknowledging that, they treat me as if I'm exaggerating and literally laugh. Worst thing is that it's not just one bad bunch, I tried SO many hairdressers all over the place. It has come to the extent that the smell of weave and walking past these hairdressers make me anxious. I have always experienced balding as a result of all of these (traction/tension alopecia I believe it's called) but I try to stay strong and see what I can do about it. The hair grows back and then I go for a protective style (weave at the hairdresser) and I lose it all again. It's a cycle that I have broken. Since I went natural, I have never been happier. To me, it's not just hair. At all. It's life. My natural hair symbolises strength and happiness and I wish this is something that people can understand.

I've had so many people say to me that me being natural has inspired them. So many are transitioning now. I remember rocking a mini fro to school every single day for a while and as you can imagine in England where people still unfortunately frown at natural hair, I created a u turn. Suddenly I had girls (I went to an all girls school) thanking me for showing that natural hair is beautiful and loadsss more girls rocking their fros to school too! I'm second year university now doing Economics but at sixth form I was 'Head of Mentoring' so girls would always come to me to talk and during school days I was like a big sister to like every single girl there!

I hope my story can be an inspirational to you all. Whether you're natural, texturised or relaxed. Do your thing! Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do, show them what you CAN do. Check out my 12 inches in 12 months challenge and/or follow me on twitter if you need any help / have any questions.

My name is Jennifer and this is my story.


"I describe Bootyfurl as: "How people from London & Essex say Beautiful. More so Essex & I promise I'm not gassing you. Don't believe me? Try it out now. Trust me you'll find that 'R' somehow! :)"
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I am definitely inspired, gorgeous hair! I shared this with my best friend who has nearly the same texture as you, she is beyond inspired, she was floored! I kept telling her of the possibilities, guess she had to see your hair to believe.


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Omg Omg !! :thud: :drool: We have very similar textures. I have great hope for the future! That looks like about 5 years worth of growing for me! :grin: